Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Lei, Jun Sheng Wang

Abstract: In this paper, Newton iterative calculation is adopted for the solution of non-line equation, which reverse calculation value of strip...

Authors: Hui Zhang, Jian Xin Deng, Gui Yu Li, Xing Ai, Jun Zhao

Abstract: Cemented carbide has relatively good mechanical properties, so it is widely used as cutting tools. In this paper, a sliding wear test at...

Authors: Zhong Wei Liang, Chun Liang Zhang, Yi Jun Wang, Hong Guang Deng

Abstract: For the purpose of acquiring IC micro-topography accurately, fuzzy gray theory is used for quantitative evaluating the influence factors of...

Authors: Qiu Hui Yan, Ju Liu, Bei Bei Wang, Gui Xia Li

Abstract: A high-pressure absorption method can realize separation of H2 from CO2 since they have different solubility in high-pressure water. The...

Authors: Xiu Mei Zhang, Di Cui, Hui Jun Jia, He Liang

Abstract: Throat armor is very important for blast furnace in metallurgical industry, and its quality determines whether the procedure of blast...

Authors: Pu Xing, Xiu Jie Yin, Jing Yun Zhao, Chuan Long Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the pressure of s195 diesel engine was forecast and analyzedthrough the equation of combustion established accordingly. And...

Authors: Yue Peng Chen, Hong Wei Fu, Biao Wang

Abstract: The paper presented a set of PRS-XY hybrid PMT, made up of a set of 3-PRS parallel mechanism and an X-Y table. For advancing the motion...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Yu Qing Wang, Chong Yang Zhao

Abstract: Two sets of power ultrasonic transducer applied to ultrasonic machining are designed in this paper, whose surface location, the number of...

Authors: Lun Ma, Xiang Dong Wu

Abstract: It is required that an ADC for sampling broadband signal directly has high sampling rate, and this will make the sampling accuracy decrease...

Authors: Fu Rong Nie, Hong Wei Li, Yao Hui Li, Li Li Yang

Abstract: Through analyzing U type bending parts that has bottom-holes, a suitable Compound die that can complete 4 procedures - lancing, bending ,...


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