Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Yun Song, Shun Jin Peng, Yang Shu

Abstract: In this paper, the perfluoro aryl ether dendrons were synthesized by mesylate reaction, and using the dendron as a modifier to prepare a...

Authors: Ju Hua Huang, Ze Wen Liu, Shi Kun Xie, Jing Jing Wu

Abstract: In engineering technology, it is necessary to compare different designs in an optimization project. Therefore a big problem is how to obtain...

Authors: Yan Jie Zhang, Wei Guo Fu, Xiang Yun Deng, Ren Bo Yang, Zhong Wen Tan, Li Ren Han, Cheng Lu, Xiao Fen Guan

Abstract: Hysteresis loop and dielectric properties of lead-free BaTiO3-La2O3 piezoelectric ceramics and BaTiO3 ceramic compared with pure BaTiO3 has...

Authors: Wei Wang, Ming Hua Zhou

Abstract: In this study, we have presented a smart core/shell nanocomposite: intelligent polymer modified iron nanoparticles (PNZVI), which can be...

Authors: Xiao Jun He, Ting Wang, Ru Chun Li, Ming Dong Zheng, Xiao Yong Zhang

Abstract: Activated carbons (ACs) were prepared by microwave−assisted heating of bituminous coal with KOH as activation agent in different gas media...

Authors: Li Fa Wang, Rui Xia Yang, Jing Feng Wu, Ying Qian Jia

Abstract: In this paper, a low phase noise hybrid integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) module with harmonic suppression based on LTCC...

Authors: Fan Jun Meng, Sheng Zhu, De Ma Ba, Hua Yang, Si Ming Xing

Abstract: Weld bead stability has an important effect on the quality of prototyped products .In the paper, hierarchy analytical theory, combined with...

Authors: Yun Liu, Xin Yu, Zhen Dong Qian

Abstract: The bascule bridge is one of the most suitable bridge types for ports and rivers in cities. In order to discuss the mechanical behavior of...

Authors: Yu Cai, Sheng Li Zhao, Qing Hua Chang, Ji Ne Zhu

Abstract: Spinel LiCoxMn2-xO4 powders were prepared by sol-gel combined with heating treatment process. The structure, morphology and electrochemical...

Authors: Li Xiao, Guan Zhou Qiu, Le Xian Xia, Han Chen

Abstract: The sol-gel method was used to prepare three kinds of nanometer magnetic particles, the nano-cobalt ferrite oxide powders and those doped by...


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