Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Ming Wang, Guang Jun Wu, Lan Dong Li, Nai Jia Guan

Abstract: TiO2 supported gold clusters are prepared by photo-deposition method. The effect of preparation parameters on the size and morphology of...

Authors: Wen Chen Chien, Shyue Ming Jang, Yu Cheng Lin

Abstract: In this study, titania powders were prepared from 0.02M titanium tetrachloride and 0.08M sodium hydroxide in a high gravity rotary reactor....

Authors: Qun Wang, Fu Tian Liu, Qing Hui Jiang, Xiu Xiu Chen, Dong Zhi Wang

Abstract: Cu2+-doped ZnSe quantum dots (ZnSe:Cu2+ QDs) are synthesized in aqueous solution via a co-precipitation method with thioglycolic acid (TGA)...

Authors: Ai Mei Gao, Wen Li Deng, Hong Yu Chen

Abstract: The self-assembly behaviour of a novel cationic porphyrin-anthraquione (Por-AQ) hybrid ([AQATMPyP]I3) on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite...

Authors: Sheng Juan Li, Shu Lin Wang, Lai Qiang Li, Bo Xu

Abstract: The activated carbons(AC) with high specific area were used widely as the electrode materials for the supercapacitors. Here we report the...

Authors: Yu Zeng Zhao, Yong Sheng Li, Hong Hua Ge, Qun Jie Xu

Abstract: Porous polydivinylbenzene particles were prepared by dispersion polymerization, using AIBN as initiator, acetonitrile as solvent, calcium...

Authors: Qiu Ping Wang, Yu Jun Feng, Zhuo Xu, Han Chen Liu

Abstract: Electron emission from ferroelectric cathodes is commonly suggested as an electron source for different application due to its special...

Authors: Zong Min Liu, Hai Yan Song, Ji Ze Mao

Abstract: Intelligent structure is consistently identified as one of techniques getting much attention in the 21 century. With the research and...

Authors: Ya Jie Guo, Guang Jian Wang, Shuai Zhang, Xue Fang Bo, Kai Liang Zhang

Abstract: Steady alkalescence monodispersed silicasol were obtained from sodium metasilicate by using chemical precipitation. The process employed low...

Authors: Hai Yan Song, Zong Min Liu

Abstract: The basic equations of electro-magneto-thermo-elasticity are very complicated. It is hard to obtain analytical solutions, even if the...


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