Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Volumes 148-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Shao, Xiao Ning Han, Zhi Qiang Li, Xiu Quan Han

Abstract: With increasing applications of SPF/DB structural components in the fields of aeronautics and astronautics, a large amount of new products...

Authors: Wern Dare Jheng, Chien Chon Chen

Abstract: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) are currently under development worldwide. Photoelectric conversion efficiency cannot yet rival the...

Authors: Byung Wan Jo, Ji Sun Choi, Seok Won Kang

Abstract: Cement is becoming a principal factor in air pollution because of the creation of CO2 during its manufacturing. The exhaustion of the...

Authors: Chun Hong Wang, Frank K. Ko

Abstract: Nanoclay/polylactide(PLA) nanocomposite was produced by the electrospinning process. The influences of nanoclays on the morphology and...

Authors: Qi Bing Wang, Zhi Ming Wang, An Hua Peng

Abstract: The objective function is the same flow speed of each sub-filed of product section at exit of the extrusion die for the complexity of hollow...

Authors: Xiao Wei Meng

Abstract: The advantages and disadvantages between the pressing binder of hardmetal in existence are analyzed. A new type of binder named QSD is...

Authors: Hui Liang Zhang, Chun Yuan Zhang, Ding Ding Shi

Abstract: Three different fabrication methods of graphene nanoribbons are discussed. Graphene nanoribbons can be produced through unzipping the carbon...

Authors: Yu Juan Sun, Ri Dong Liao

Abstract: Based on the axisymmetric and 3-D finite element models, the axial-load and stress distributions on each thread of the threaded connection...

Authors: Nan Chun Chen, Ai Ping Deng, Peng Cheng, Wei Wang

Abstract: : The talc with average volume grain of 5.35 µm was modified by the mixture of HDPP as bases, grinding talc as the reinforecing filler and...

Authors: Nan Chun Chen, Han Mei Ao, Wei Wang, Quan Hong Li, Ai Ping Deng

Abstract: Mullite precursor was prepared from kaoline when calcined at 1250 °C,when the concentration of sodium hydroxide of 3 mol/l; crystallization...


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