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Authors: Felipe Hernandez-Santiago, I. Espinoza-Ramirez, Victor M. Lopez-Hirata, Maribel L. Saucedo-Muñoz, Lucia Díaz-Barriga Arceo, H.J. Dorantes-Rosales
Abstract:Supersaturated solid solutions of Cu-44.5at.%Ni-22.5at.%Fe and Cu-37at.%Ni-6at.%Cr alloy were produced by ball milling of a pure chemical...
Authors: T. Honda, Shinichi Komazaki, Takayuki Sugimoto, Yutaka Kohno
Abstract:The thermally aged 10Cr-1Mo-1W-VNbN steels were charged with hydrogen by cathodic electrolysis and then were subjected to the thermal...
Authors: Tomonori Kunieda, Kensuke Akada, Yoshinori Murata, Toshiyuki Koyama, Masahiko Morinaga
Abstract:The system free energy was estimated for the martensite phase of an Fe-Cr-C ternary alloy, 12Cr2W and 12Cr2W0.5Re steels. The system free...
Authors: Jung Ho Ahn, Sang Hyun Lee, Jin Sung Jang
Abstract:Oxide-dispersion strengthened (ODS) ferritic stainless steels have been considered as promising high-temperature materials such as...
Authors: Johanne Laigo, Franck Tancret, René Le Gall, Jader Furtado
Abstract:Heat-resistant steels of HP series (Fe-25Cr-35Ni) are used as reformer tubes in petrochemical industries. Their composition includes Nb and...
Authors: Pablo Rodriguez-Calvillo, Rafael Colás, Yvan Houbaert
Abstract:Steels with high amounts of silicon are used in electrical applications due to their low mangectoestriction, high electrical resistivity and...
Authors: Ulrika Borggren, Göran Engberg, Tadeusz Siwecki
Abstract:Precipitation of carbonitrides has been studied in as-cast slabs of one Nb and one Nb and Ti containing HSLA steel. The precipitates have...
Authors: Silvia Casotto, Stefania Bruschi, Paolo F. Bariani
Authors: S. Hotta, Taichi Murakami, Takayuki Narushima, Yasutaka Iguchi, Chiaki Ouchi
Abstract:Currently new continuous casting processes such as thin slab caster or strip casting are industrialized or under developing in the world...
Authors: Lucia Suárez, G. Bourdon, X. Vanden Eynde, M. Lamberigts, Yvan Houbaert
Abstract:Steel strip surface oxidation during hot mill processing represents an industrial and environmental problem: secondary oxide is removed...
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