THERMEC 2006 Supplement

Volumes 15-17

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: N.L. Chester, Mary A. Wells, V. Prodanovic, Matthias Militzer

Abstract: Controlled cooling on the runout table is a crucial component in the production of highly tailored steels since it has a strong influence...

Authors: Jérémie Bouquerel, Kim Verbeken, Bruno C. De Cooman, Yvan Houbaert, Patricia Verleysen, Joost Van Slycken

Abstract: Low alloy multiphase TRansformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP) steels offer an excellent combination of a large uniform elongation and a...

Authors: H. Azizi-Alizamini, Matthias Militzer, Warren J. Poole

Abstract: Recently, there has been a large interest in the development of low carbon steels with ultra fine grain structure using lean chemistries....

Authors: Kelly Alvarez, Soong Keun Hyun, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: Lotus-type porous Fe-25wt.%Cr and Fe-23wt.%Cr-2wt.%Mo alloys were fabricated by continuous zone melting technique in pressurized hydrogen...

Authors: P.R. Wilson, Z. Chen, Chris R. Killmore, Stuart J. Laird

Abstract: Surface graphitization is a well known defect that occurs when low carbon steel strip is batch annealed. A small addition of chromium...

Authors: Nik Rozlin Nik Masdek, Iswadi Jauhari, Hiroyuki Ogiyama, Rafidah Hasan

Abstract: In this research, a new type of surface carburizing method which combines superplastic phenomenon and carburizing process called...

Authors: M. Mazinani, Warren J. Poole

Abstract: The deformation behaviour of martensite and its effect on tensile properties of a lowcarbon dual-phase (DP) steel were investigated. DP...

Authors: Hak Cheol Lee, Xiao Dan Wu, Young Min Kim, Nack J. Kim

Abstract: Effects of acicular ferrite and retained austenite on the mechanical properties of bainite-base steels were investigated. Various...

Authors: J.S. Kang, Y. Huang, C.W. Lee, Chan Gyung Park

Abstract: Effects of deformation at austenite region and cooling rate on the microstructure and mechanical properties of low carbon (0.06 wt. % C)...

Authors: M.A.E. Jepson, C.L. Verona, R.L. Higginson

Abstract: including, external oxide layers, internal grain boundary oxidation structures as well as many other forms of internal oxidation. During...


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