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Authors: H.S. Lee, Won Kyu Bang, D.W. Kim, S. Lee Semiatin, Young Won Chang
Authors: Dong Ying Ju, Xiao Dong Hu, Hong Yang Zhao
Abstract:Strip casting is a promising route to directly produce magnesium alloy sheet by twin roll casting method. As-cast strips with proper...
Authors: Franck Tancret, Jean Michel Bouler
Abstract:Biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) bioceramics, for use as resorbable bone substitutes, containing both isolated macropores and interconnected...
Authors: N. Barka, Philippe Bocher, J. Brousseau, M. Galopin, S. Sundararajan
Abstract:Induction heating is a case hardening process used to improve performance of machine components by producing a hard martensitic...
Authors: W. Xu, D. San Martin, Pedro E.J. Rivera-Díaz-del-Castillo, Sybrand van der Zwaag
Abstract:High molybdenum high strength stainless steels can contain the so-called Chi phase (Fe36Cr12Mo10). The presence of this phase, which...
Authors: Eun Yi Ko, Kyung Woo Yi
Abstract:Of all the processing stages for wafers, interior temperature distribution in thermal treatment furnaces has a great influence on wafer...
Authors: Emil Omurzak Uulu, Mitsuhiro Matsuda, Hirotaka Ihara, Tsutomu Mashimo, Saadat Sulaimankulova
Abstract:We developed a synthesis method of nanomaterials by the impulse plasma in liquid. The method is based on the low voltage pulsed plasma. The...
Authors: Wen Yu Pong, Hung Yi Chang, Chia Hung Liang, Huey Ing Chen
Authors: N. Castillo, L.A. García, A. Vázquez Z., L. Díaz Barriga, R. Pérez
Abstract:Ptx-Pd(1-x) nanoparticles supported on amorphous silica (SiO2) were prepared by wetness impregnation techniques with choroplatinic acid...
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