THERMEC 2006 Supplement

Volumes 15-17

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Y. Abe, Takehiko Watanabe, H. Tanabe, K. Kagiya

Abstract: Authors tried to butt-weld a mild steel plate to a magnesium alloy plate by the solid state welding using a rotating pin. This study...

Authors: Jee Hoon Choi, Dong Bok Lee

Abstract: L12-type Al65.5Ti24.4Cr10.1 alloys were prepared by induction melting followed by thermomechanical treatment. Corrosion tests were...

Authors: Wang Kee Min, Sung Doo Hwang, Chang Ho Lee, Young Do Park, Yang Do Kim, Young Seok Kim, Ik Min Park, Yong Ho Park

Abstract: The n-type Bi2(Te0.94Se0.06)3 thermoelectric compound was prepared by the direct extrusion process using the powder as raw materials. Hot...

Authors: Masataka Hakamada, Yasuo Yamada, Tetsumune Kuromura, Yuuki Asao, Y. Chen, Hiromu Kusuda, Mamoru Mabuchi

Abstract: Porous metals, or metallic foams, are emerging ecomaterials that can be applied to structural use, shock absorber, filter, heat exchanger,...

Authors: Tetsumune Kuromura, Masataka Hakamada, Y. Chen, Hiromu Kusuda, Mamoru Mabuchi

Abstract: Porous Al specimens with a pore size range from 212-300 to 610-700 μm, a porosity from 85 to 95% and a specimen thickness from 2 to 20 mm...

Authors: I.Ch. Konstantinidis, D.P. Papadopoulos, M. Gavaises, D.N. Tsipas

Abstract: In this paper we present some simple methods for the fabrication of closed and open cell Al metal foams. The closed cell Al metal foams...

Authors: Yoon S. Oh, Jung G. Lee, Choong Nyun Paul Kim, Nack J. Kim

Abstract: Solidification behavior of two Fe-base amorphous alloys during twin-roll strip casting has been investigated in the present study....

Authors: Jessica Hiscocks, Lan Jiang, John J. Jonas

Abstract: Research is currently being conducted on the feasibility of hydroforming extruded magnesium tubes to integrate multiple parts into a single...

Authors: Toshiyuki Matsuno, Tokimasa Kawabata, Kenji Matsuda, Shigeharu Kamado, Yo Kojima, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: The TEM observation was performed to investigate the precipitation hardening in Mg-Gd-Zr alloy. Both the β’ and the β” phase coexist in the...


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