THERMEC 2006 Supplement

Volumes 15-17

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Prakash Parasivamurthy

Abstract: The rapid Urbanization and Industrialization all over the world has resulted in large deposition of Plastic waste. This waste can be...

Authors: Isabel C. Atías Adrián, Dario Vallauri, Z. Zhang, A. Chrysanthou, Bruno DeBenedetti, Ignazio Amato

Abstract: Non-oxide ceramic nanostructured powders are synthesized through metastable transformation processing based on the Self-propagating...

Authors: Bong Jae Choi, Si Young Sung, Young Jig Kim

Abstract: The aim of this study is to fabricate an α-case free (TiB+TiC) hybrid titanium matrix composites (TMCs) shot sleeve for aluminum alloy...

Authors: Masaru Morobayashi, Kenji Matsuda, T. Saeki, Susumu Ikeno, K. Nishimura, Katsunori Mori

Abstract: Superconductive MgB2/Al composite material with low and high volume fractions of particles were fabricated by our special pre-packing...

Authors: Hua Min Kou, Yu Bai Pan, Jing Kun Guo

Abstract: Al/Al2O3 cermet composites were fabricated by hot-pressing at the temperature range of 1350~1450oC from commercial γ - Al2O3 reinforced by ...

Authors: Yu Song Wu, Jiang Li, Yu Bai Pan, Jing Kun Guo, Qian Liu

Abstract: Commercial Y2O3 powders were subjected to high energy ball milling in a planetary ball mill using high purity alumina balls and vial. The...

Authors: Hong Mei Wei, Lin Geng, Xue Xi Zhang

Abstract: Solidification behavior of SiCw/Al-18Si metal matrix composites (MMCs) was studied by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission...

Authors: H. Hanado, Yutaka Hiraoka

Abstract: Room-temperature deformation behavior in the localized regions of W-80vol%Cu composite was investigated in this study. Plastic strain of...

Authors: Bretislav Šmíd, Toshiyuki Mori, M. Takahashi, Ding Rong Ou, V. Matolín, Iva Matolínova

Abstract: Carbon monoxide (CO) is a significant air pollutant produced in incomplete oxidation of carbon in combustion. From the viewpoint of...

Authors: Caroline R. Cloutier, Akram Alfantazi, Elod Gyenge

Abstract: The conductivity and viscosity of aqueous solutions of NaBO2 were measured as a function of concentration at 25oC. Conductivity data was...


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