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Authors: Geun Tae Bae, Sung S. Park, Chang Gil Lee, Dong Yim Chang, Nack J. Kim
Authors: S.R. Rajesh, Han Sur Bang, Heung Ju Kim, Hee Seon Bang
Abstract:Friction stir welding is being attracted and developed as an efficient joining method in the manufacturing field of Automobile, Aerospace...
Authors: Chang Yong Lee, Won Bae Lee, Yun Mo Yeon, Keun Song, Jeong Hoon Moon, Jung Gu Kim, Seung Boo Jung
Abstract:The microstructure and mechanical properties of spot friction stir welded A 5052 alloy were investigated with insertion depth of welding...
Authors: A. Sullivan, Joseph D. Robson, Hugh R. Shercliff, G. McShane
Authors: Caroline Mary, Mohammad Jahazi
Abstract:Linear Friction Welding (LFW) of IN-718 Superalloy was investigated under several processing conditions. The influence of process parameters...
Authors: S. Koizumi, Masato Tsujikawa, T. Oguri, Kenji Higashi
Authors: Taiki Morishige, Masato Tsujikawa, Sachio Oki, M. Kamita, Sung Wook Chung, Kenji Higashi
Authors: H. Takahara, Y. Motoyama, Masato Tsujikawa, Sachio Oki, Sung Wook Chung, Kenji Higashi
Authors: I.H. Hwang, Takehiko Watanabe, Y. Doi
Abstract:We tried to join steel to Al-Mg alloy using a resistance spot welding method. The effect of Mg in Al-Mg alloy on the strength and the...
Authors: C.I. Chang, C.J. Lee, C.H. Chuang, H.R. Pei, J.C. Huang
Abstract:The characterizations on the microstructural and mechanical properties of the Mg-Al-Zn multi-element intermetallic alloys fabricated by...
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