THERMEC 2006 Supplement

Volumes 15-17

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C.W. Hung, S.Y. Cheng, Kun Wei Lin, Y.Y. Tsai, P.H. Lai, S.I. Fu, W.C. Liu

Abstract: By combining the advantages of a catalytic palladium (Pd thin film) with a high-performance GaAs-based transistor, an interesting hydrogen...

Authors: C.J.B. Dicken, W. Mérida

Abstract: Currently, pressurized gas is the leading technology for vehicular on-board hydrogen storage. During refueling, the hydrogen is expanded...

Authors: Nir Ben-Oved, Olivera Kesler

Abstract: A new rapid manufacturing technique for the production of SOFC anodes for direct oxidation of hydrocarbon fuels has been demonstrated....

Authors: Lars Rose, Mohan Menon, Kent Kammer, Olivera Kesler, Peter Halvor Larsen

Abstract: Extensive interfacial reactions are known to occur between Fe-Co based perovskite cathode materials and the standard solid oxide fuel cell...

Authors: B.D. White, Olivera Kesler

Abstract: Porous composite cathodes containing (La0.8Sr0.2)0.98MnO3 (LSM) and yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) for use in solid oxide fuel cells...

Authors: J.H. Chung, Joo Youl Huh, Jae Ho Jun, D.H. Kim, Joong Hwan Jun

Abstract: In the attempt to develop materials for interconnects of planar-type solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), the oxidation behavior and scale...

Authors: Tatiana Romero-Castañon, W. Mérida

Abstract: The presence of water within the polymeric ionic conductor and catalyst layers is indispensable for proton exchange membrane fuel cell...

Authors: Franz Moraw, Khalid Fatih, David Wilkinson, François Girard

Abstract: The use of redox fuel cells, in which oxygen is replaced by other oxidants such as ferric ions, can have significant advantages. The redox...

Authors: C.A. Bellemare-Davis, K. Karan, J.G. Pharoah, G. Zak

Abstract: This investigation considers the development of microchannel reactors with catalystcoated walls for fuel-processing applications. In...

Authors: T. Akamatsu, Toshihiro Kasuga, Masayuki Nogami

Abstract: When fine-sized 45ZnO·55P2O5 glass powders were mixed with water, hydration immediately occurred, resulting in the formation of a viscous...


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