Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Guang Liu, Zhong Jin Wang, Qing Yuan Meng, Yu Long Zheng

Abstract: Viscous pressure forming (VPF) uses a highly viscous but flowable material as pressure-carrying medium (PCM). Due to the relative low...

Authors: Xu Li, Wen Xue Zhang, Dian Hua Zhang, Dan Yan

Abstract: Under condition that exact values of model parameters can not be calculated accurately in hot tandem mill system and change with the time...

Authors: Yeong Sant Kuo

Abstract: A201 aluminum alloy plate castings with systematic change in the riser size, together with variation of thickness and length, were cast in...

Authors: Yao Jang Lin, Yan Cherng Lin, A Cheng Wang, Der An Wang, Han Ming Chow

Abstract: This study investigates the feasibility of EDM for processing ZrO2 and Al2O3 of non-conductive ceramics, which were covered by an assisted...

Authors: Hong You Li, Chao Huang, Hao Ping Zeng, Kai Yong Jiang

Abstract: Compared with unipolar and periodic reverse pulse current electroforming, bipolar pulse current in electroforming is known to result in...

Authors: Ke Hua Zhong, Qian Feng, Xu Huang, Gui Gui Xu, Zhi Gao Chen, Zhi Gao Huang

Abstract: The magnetic moments of Co3 clusters on Cu(111), Pd(111), Ne(111) and two polar ZnO surfaces non-magnetic substrates are investigated using...

Authors: Hong Xin Shi, Zhi Wei Wu, Jing Sun, Hua Yu, Ran Feng Qiu, Ke Ke Zhang

Abstract: The 40Cr steel surface waiting for being welded was ultra-fined through laser quenching, and isothermal superplastic solid state welding was...

Authors: Jie Jin, Sheng Wei Tian

Abstract: The effects of rolling parameters on the broadwise deformation of the workpiece are analyzed by rigid-plastic finite element method. At the...

Authors: Shu You Wang, Jian Wei Jiang, Jian Bing Men

Abstract: The formation, flight and penetration process of explosively formed projectile (EFP) was computed by using nonlinear dynamic finite elements...

Authors: Xu Huang, Zhen Zhen Weng, Gui Gui Xu, Zhi Gao Chen, Zhi Gao Huang

Abstract: Effects of oxygen atom adsorption on work functions of Mo(110) surface and substrate are investigated using first-principles methods based...


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