Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Nan Wang, Li Ying Han, Xiao Da Wang

Abstract: Ni-WC-MgO compound coatings were made by way of Vacuum Fusion Sintering (VFS). Effects of MgO addition level on the microstructures of...

Authors: Mao Fu Liu, Lin Zhi Liu, Hui Xian Han

Abstract: Chalcohalide glasses become ideal infrared optical fiber materials because of its isotropy, homogeneousness and high transmittance in...

Authors: Yi Wen Lei, Cheng Qiang Gong, Rong Lu Sun

Abstract: A three-dimensional model was proposed to simulate high power laser clad TiC/NiCrBSiC composite coatings on Ti6Al4V alloys. Molten pool...

Authors: Yong Song, Jing Yuan Li, Feng Qin Lin, Shui Ping Hu, Guang Tu Yang

Abstract: In the present work, a two-dimensional finite difference model is built to realize the online control of the aluminum ingot tapered cooling...

Authors: Zhao Mei Xu, Zong Hai Hong

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental research on the metal parts manufactured by laser cladding. The present studies showed two processes...

Authors: Jie Jin, Fang Yan Ning

Abstract: On the basis of continuous medium theory, computer simulation analysis of metal-powder injection molding was carried out with the help of...

Authors: Chun Dong Zhu, Bo Zhou, Hui Wang

Abstract: With the example of rod, this paper introduces principal stress method in the analysis and calculation of deformation force in complex parts...

Authors: Jing He, Guang Sheng Ren

Abstract: The technology of low temperature cool-air & minority of oil conditions (cool-air cutting technology) is employed to cut three materials—...

Authors: Ning Ding, Shi Qiang Ma, Yu Mei Song, Long Shan Wang

Abstract: A dynamic size control model during cylindrical grinding is built. The model consists of Elman neural network, fuzzy control subsystem and...

Authors: Feng Chen, Chun Ping Cao, Wei Zhang, Yu Sun

Abstract: The process of long fiber reinforced reaction injection molding (LFR-RIM) was introduced in this paper, which was used to prepare Long glass...


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