Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Yu, Ke Gao, Ran Feng Qiu, Ke Ke Zhang, Hong Xin Shi

Abstract: Steel 35CrMo is widely used to produce the principal axis of machine, but the principal axis is often abraded or scratched during its...

Authors: Ru Shu Peng, De Wen Tang, Qiong Liu

Abstract: On the property of repeated impact load, the attrition, hardening and plasticity warp of the laser cladding sampling were researched by...

Authors: Ning An

Abstract: Use of Low-chromium white cast iron as matrix, WC as reinforcement particles, in conditions of Quartz sand in ordinary water glass dry,...

Authors: Bi Xin Guo, Jian Xia Li, Yun Kui Gao

Abstract: The oxy-acetylene flame spraying is a new kind of the spraying technology which is developed in recent years. The ultra-high strength is the...

Authors: Jing Jie Zhang, Chong Hai Xu, Ming Dong Yi, Hui Fa Zhang, Xing Hai Wang

Abstract: In this paper, back propagation neural network was used in the optimum design of the hot pressing parameters of an advanced ZrO2/TiB2/Al2O3...

Authors: Xin Hua Song, Xiao Wang, Pin Li, Zhen Kai Xu, Kai Wang, Hui Xia Liu

Abstract: Laser transmission joint between biocompatible, dissimilar materials have the potential for application in biomedical and their...

Authors: Kuo Chan Hsu, Yiin Kuen Fuh

Abstract: This study proposes a novel optical technique and method for in-situ roughness measurement. The speckle image was obtained by illuminating a...

Authors: Wen Zhong, Jia Jie Hu, Cai Yun Wang, Peng Shen, Qi Yue Liu

Abstract: The rolling tests of railway rail were performed using a JD-1 wheel/rail simulation facility without any lubricant. The failure behaviour of...

Authors: Xin Teng Liang, Yong Chen, Jian Hua Zeng, An Lin Li, Gui Jun Li, Sen Xiang Yang, Qing Chun Li

Abstract: According to the actual characteristics of semi-steel steelmaking of PZH steel, a static model for prediction of the oxygen blow amount and...

Authors: Liu Ho Chiu, Yi Min Lin, Shu Hung Yeh, Heng Chang

Abstract: This study is to investigate the wear behavior of carburized JIS SNCM 415 Ni-Cr-Mo steel being cryotreated and followed by carbide spray...


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