Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Feng Jiang, Lei Ding, Yuan Yuan Zheng, Xiao Wang, Hui Xia Liu

Abstract: Laser forming is a new flexible sheet metal forming process. By means of the theory of orthogonal experimental design method, design of...

Authors: Jinn Jong Sheu, Dong Mei Xu, Chin Wei Liu

Abstract: The dimension accuracy and the too life are the major issues of the machining of hard-to-cut materials. To fulfill the requirements of...

Authors: Shu Hung Yeh, Liu Ho Chiu, Wan Chung Lo, Chien Lung Huang

Abstract: The corrosion behavior of the nitrocarburized JIS SKD61 and DH31S hot work steels has been investigated. The as received JIS SKD61 and DH31S...

Authors: Yuan Fang Chen, Xiao Dong Peng, Jian Jun Hu, Hong Bin Xu, Chan Hao

Abstract: Surface modification of 40Cr steel by high current pulsed electron beam has been investigated . The pulsed times of HCPEB was changed from 1...

Authors: J.M. Lee, Tae Young Yang, Seog Young Yoon, B.K. Kim, Hong Chae Park

Abstract: Sedimentation bulk density and rheology of TBA-based hydroxyapatite suspensions have been investigated in terms of solid loading and types...

Authors: Wen Yan Wang, Xiao Ming Dong, Jing Pei Xie

Abstract: A ductile iron coated with metal-matrix pastes containing hard phase TiC and CrxCy was laser alloyed by an Nd: YAG laser and a CO2 laser....

Authors: Xin Chun Chen, Jia Li

Abstract: Based on the functional features of SIEMENS840D, a plan to realize the machining technology with cycloidal rotary indexing compound locus is...

Authors: Xiao Hai Li, Yu Fang, Xin Rong Wang, Bao Lin Yin

Abstract: This paper describes a new method of die surface modification by ordinary Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) tool. First, the principle of...

Authors: Chang Long Liu, Da Pei Tang

Abstract: Thermal residual stress in diamond film deposited onto Mo substrate was simulated and analyzed comprehensively by using the finite element...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Shi Jie Fang, Long Xing Li

Abstract: Intermetallic compounds layer will be formed at the interfaces between alloy layer and matrix in the diffusion process of hot dip aluminized...


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