Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chong Jian Li, Wen Peng

Abstract: This paper adopts area conversion method to measure the WC grain size manually, sets up a Fibonacci Sequence plane segmentation model based...

Authors: Xue Hua Liu, Dian Tang, Shi Xue Wen

Abstract: Immersion tin (I-Sn) coatings on copper were prepared in a stannous methanesulfonate bath with thiourea being the potential altering agent....

Authors: Chen Hui Jia, Shu Tao Zhang, Xin Tao Xia

Abstract: Based on optimization theory, computer simulation and Virtual Manufacturing, the framework modeling of Virtual Assembly Production Line...

Authors: Li Bing Zhang, Ting Wu

Abstract: A numerical control (NC) code program is usually generated by a complex CAD/CAM system, which does not include the value of the tool radius...

Authors: Shao Hui Wang, Zhong Yi Cai, Ming Zhe Li, Ying Wu Lan

Abstract: As a flexible manufacturing technique, Multi-point stretch forming (MPSF) is a suitable method for forming aircraft outer skin part. The...

Authors: Ying Chun Liang, Hong Min Pen, Qing Shun Bai, Xing Lei Hu, Zhi Guo Wang

Abstract: In order to investigate the mechanical properties of single crystal Cu nanorod with preset defects, the multiscale unixial tension...

Authors: Li Qun Ruan, Kazuyuki Hokamoto, Yasuo Marumo, Ititoku Yahiro

Abstract: As reported in the previous report, increasing velocity by high-speed impulsive energy could improve the formability of AZ31 magnesium...

Authors: Jian Xia Li, Bi Xin Guo, Jin Hu, Li Li Ding

Abstract: Brush plating has been an important technology for mending the scratched surface of the engineering parts in recent years. The duralumin...

Authors: Dong Qiang Gao, Zhen Ya Tian, Fei Zhang

Abstract: With the development of the rapid prototyping manufacturing for ceramic parts, it is possible to shorten the manufacturing period of ceramic...

Authors: Jing Jie Zhang, Chong Hai Xu, Ming Dong Yi, Hui Fa Zhang, Xing Hai Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the two hybrid algorithms of back propagation artificial neural network and genetic algorithm were used in the optimum design...


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