Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Rong Wang, Xiao Hai Li, Xia Zhang

Abstract: The five-axis linkage WEDM system with the rotate-swing-swing worktable accessories was developed to machine the ruled curved surface parts,...

Authors: Ping Yi Guo, Yong Shao, Yuan Xin Ji, Wen Tai Zhu, Han Yan

Abstract: Ceramic coatings were prepared in situ on commercial pure Ti(CP-Ti) by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation(PEO) technology in an...

Authors: Lei Cheng, Wei Zhang, Bao Chun Lu, Hui Jun Gong, Yong Zheng Song

Abstract: To improve material flow of sheet metal, draw beads are used to prevent wrinkling and springback during deep drawing process. Firstly,...

Authors: Hong Hua Zhou, Zhe He Yao, Zi Chen Chen

Abstract: Processing parameters of micro thixoforming, such as height-diameter ratio, die/punch temperature, billet temperature, and punch speed, have...

Authors: Hong Chen Wang

Abstract: For difficulties in aspheric optical parts machining, a new principle of normal equidistance methods is put forward to machine axial...

Authors: Xiao Chuan Chen, Ling Fei Ji, Yong Bao, Yi Jian Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, high quality cutting of 1 mm dense Al2O3 electronic ceramic processed by a fiber laser with spot diameter of 15 μm was...

Authors: Ye Tu, Ling Fei Ji, Yong Bao, Yi Jian Jiang

Abstract: This study investigates on the characterization and joining behavior between glass and KOVAR alloy with fiber laser. Due to the different...

Authors: Yao Ning Sun, Wen Lei Sun, Xu Dong Zhang, Qing Yu, Xin Mei Li

Abstract: Using laser cladding technique, Ni3(Si Ti) matrix composite coatings reinforced by in-situ synthesis (Ti,W)C multi-ceramics were fabricatcd...

Authors: Ning Zhao, Yan Ping Sun

Abstract: According to the characteristic of the thin-walled components, through the analysis which carries on to the complex stents structure and the...

Authors: Chun Jen Weng

Abstract: As wafer nanotechnology gate is scaling down, the fabrication technology of gate spacer for transistor becomes more critical in...


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