Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hu, Li Li Ding, Bi Xin Guo, Wen Peng Fang

Abstract: This article briefly introduces traditional repair technical defects of the aeroplane aluminium alloy and the current situation of FSW. It...

Authors: Xin Qi Yu, Pei Ying Peng, Hui Qin Gao, Jia Hui Yu

Abstract: An analytical model is developed to study the effects of operation conditions and micro-pore geometry parameters on the friction performance...

Authors: Yun Hai Su, Zheng Jun Liu, Ming Su

Abstract: In order to systematically study the influence of surfacing current and magnetic field current on hardness and wear resistance of surfacing...

Authors: Zhan Shen Zheng, Pei Qi Yan, Rui Jiao Li

Abstract: In recent years, the hydrophobic and self-cleaning surface has aroused extensive attention due to its special nature such as waterproof,...

Authors: Afzalur Alfan, Mohd Zaidi Omar, Junaidi Syarif

Abstract: In order to be considered as a material for semi-solid processing, an alloy has to possess solid spheroids within liquid matrix. Therefore,...

Authors: Hendri Budiman, Mohd Zaidi Omar, A. Jalar, Junaidi Syarif

Abstract: A356/Al2O3 metal matrix composites produced by means of conventional stirring and cooling slope casting have been investigated and their...

Authors: Hitonobu Koike, Takashi Honda, Katsuyuki Kida, Edson Costa Santos, Yuji Kashima, Kenji Kanemasu

Abstract: Nowadays, due to strict environmental requirements, the automotive industry has been reducing vehicle weight in order to minimize the CO2...

Authors: Fa Min Zhang, Chang Le Xiang, Hui Liu

Abstract: Based on the theory of space meshing, the paper deduces the equation of tooth traces on the surface of the pitch cone of Gleason spiral...

Authors: Viriyah Chobaomsup, Luangvaranunt Tachai

Abstract: The objective of this research was to study effect of sintering time, sintering temperature and aluminum addition on pin-on-disc wear...

Authors: Xiao Ke Yang, Yun Ying Fan, Ye Hua Jiang, Zu Lai Li

Abstract: This paper mainly focuses on how the silicate liquid composition of chromium-free color passivation affects on passivation result, and...


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