Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Edson Costa Santos, Katsuyuki Kida, Phil Carroll, Rui Vilar

Abstract: In this paper, results concerning the microstructure of Rene N4 alloy layers produced by laser cladding on oriented CMSX-4 single crystal...

Authors: Jing Hao, Meng Huai Wu, Andreas Ludwig, Monika Grasser

Abstract: As a response to “call for contribution to a numerical problem for 2D columnar solidification of binary alloys” [Bellet et al., Int. J....

Authors: Zhi Jun Li, He Yang, Heng Li, Jing Liu

Abstract: As a result of unequal reduction, the sideways movement of the strip at the entry is occurred in in-plane roll-bending process with conical...

Authors: Li Jia, Yong Zou, Zeng Da Zou, Yong Sheng Zhao, Qu Shi Yao

Abstract: During numerical simulation of welding process, the temperature field simulation is fundamental for simulating other issues of welding...

Authors: Hai Yang Wang, Shu Hua Li, Li Xia Li, Xiao Xiong Zha

Abstract: The single-wheeled cycle is fashion and convenient, but there are some problems when used, especially the joint that connect to the lead...

Authors: Qi Zhang, La Dao Yang

Abstract: A model of heat transfer and solidification of continuous cast has been established, including boundary conditions in the mold and spray...

Authors: Gui Hua Li, Yong Zou, Zeng Da Zou, Xiao Nan Li

Abstract: In this paper, the Fe-based cladding layer was prepared on 42CrMo substrate by laser cladding mixture containing chromium nitride. The...

Authors: Li Hua Zhan, Jian Guo Lin, Daniel S. Balint

Abstract: The Creep Age Forming (CAF) technique has been recently developed and used to manufacture aircraft and aerospace panel components with...

Authors: Xiu Juan Zhao, Jun Wen Wang, Chun Huan Chen, Yuan Sun, Rui Ming Ren, Dong Ying Ju

Abstract: Comparing with conventional mechanical shot peening (SP) technique, water cavitation peening (WCP) experiments of Almen strips were carried...

Authors: Hai Yan Yu, Li Bao, You Zhi Deng, Wei Cao

Abstract: Friction coefficient is an important parameter in sheet metal forming especially in hot forming. Friction condition not only influences...


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