Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Zhang, Hou Fa Shen, Tian You Huang

Abstract: In order to reduce the internal cracks and control the quality of the steel strand in continuous casting, a thermal-mechanical model...

Authors: Ammarueda Issariyapat, Panu Swangsak, Yuttanant Boonyongmaneerat, Patama Visuttipitukul

Abstract: Nickel(Ni) layer was applied to the surface of pure aluminum(Al) by electrodeposition for 15 minutes using a direct current (DC) condition...

Authors: Yu Quan Guo, Dong Ming Guo, Guang Yi Ma, Dong Jiang Wu

Abstract: In this paper, a three-dimensional finite element model is developed to compute thermal phenomena of 0.5 mm thick Hastelloy C-276 alloy...

Authors: Xiang Jie Wang, Jian Zhong Cui, Hai Tao Zhang

Abstract: The rules of the distribution of magnetic field were carried out by numerical simulation. The distribution of magnetic field was got, and...

Authors: Shu Yong Tan, Xu Hai Zhang, Xiang Jun Wu, Feng Fang

Abstract: CrNx films were synthesized under graded/constant bias by DC magnetron sputtering. In the present work, the graded bias deposited CrNx films...

Authors: Jun Zhong Guo, Jun Ping Yang

Abstract: The on-off pressure mechanism has an important function to the printing press, the quality of which concerns the working performance of the...

Authors: Zuhailawati Hussain, Indra Putra Almanar

Abstract: In this work, properties and spot welding performance of copper matrix composite electrode reinforced with 15 vol% tungsten carbide...

Authors: Rong Zhou, Yun Ying Fan, Ye Hua Jiang, Yao Liu

Abstract: Investigating the changing quality of galvanized parts when pure zinc plated with other alloying additions. In the procedure of hot dip...

Authors: Li Cun Wang, Jin Chen, Xian Ming Zhang

Abstract: The concept of concurrent engineering is that designers, manufacturing engineers and all other members of the new product development team...

Authors: Li Jun Wang, Xiao Kang Yan, Fei Hu Li, Zi Xin Dong

Abstract: This paper was concerned with theoretical analysis and the static characteristics of the journal bearing lubricated with magnetic fluid. A...


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