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Authors: Hong Tao Zhang, Jian Guo Yang, Kai Guo Fan, Yi Zhang
Abstract:The mathematical model of five-axis NC machine tools was established based on the transformation matrix. A new decoupling and...
Authors: Wen Jun Ge, Zhao Hua Li, Qin Yun Lv
Abstract:The feasibility of electroless Ni-plating was explored in order to solve the problem of the restoration of the parts of aircraft made of high...
Authors: Zhi Hong Jiang, Gai Pin Cai
Abstract:As lack of a efficiency theoretical approximate solution for the surface effect mechanism analyzed during continuing and local vibrational...
Authors: Indra Putra Almanar, Zuhailawati Hussain, Mohd Afian Omar
Abstract:Metal injection moulding was performed with gas atomized 316L stainless steel powders. Feedstocks were prepared using a paraffin...
Authors: Xiao Hui Zhi, Yi Min Yin, Yan Jun Han
Abstract:The casting process design and simulation of a high-manganese steel roller were presented in this paper. The casting process design...
Authors: Yao Teng Gong, Zhong Kai Zhang, Zhi Hong Jiang
Abstract:As a force being non-homogenous during incremental forming process, sheet metal tended to instability easily, then the deposition, wrinkle...
Authors: Zhen Guo Yan, Yuan Li, Jie Zhang, Xiao Bo Zhou
Abstract:According to the characteristics of aircraft subassembly, an optimal method for task balancing under resource constraints is presented....
Authors: Ming Fang Lu, Shu Hao Chuang, Hsing Juin Lee
Abstract:The effects of gravity and kinetic undercooling upon the melt/crystal interface in a vertical Bridgman-Stockbarger crystal growth system by...
Authors: Kosuke Komeda, Ryoji Nakamura, Shinji Kumai
Abstract:The disadvantages of the conventional twin-roll caster for aluminum alloy are low casting speeds and limited choices of alloys that are...
Authors: Ming Zhao, Xiong Zhang, Xiao Dong Wu, Yue Ping Dai, Zhi Peng
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