Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Jun Qiu, Ju Zhou, Xiang Fang Fan, Bin He

Abstract: This paper utilized self-made high-frequency micro-forging machine to treat NiCrBSi alloy cladded by laser, Optical Microscopy(OM) to study...

Authors: Chun Yan Yan, Wu Shen Li, Shi Wu Bai

Abstract: Based on welding heat transfer theory, heat elastoplasticity theory and phase transformation theory, welding residual stress in multi-layer...

Authors: Ning Liu, Gen Cang Yang, Feng Liu

Abstract: Fe-Co single-phase alloy melts with different Co contents were undercooled using fluxing method. The maximum undercooling DT = 457K...

Authors: Ji Gao, Rui Zhang

Abstract: The contact shape, size and stress of thrust ball bearings are simulated with taking 1/13 part of bearing as finite element model,...

Authors: Feng Qi Han, Zhi Zun Li, De Yuan Zhang

Abstract: The mechanism of prolonging service life of tap in low frequency vibration tapping was studied from two aspects of the reduction of wear and...

Authors: Xuan Wang, Kui Zhang, Guang Hui Yue, Dong Liang Peng, Zheng Bing Qi, Zhou Cheng Wang

Abstract: TiAlN coatings have been deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering from TiAl alloy target using a direct current (DC) power source. The...

Authors: Wei Liang Ku, Han Ming Chow, Jiang Long Lin, Kun Ling Wu, Tsong Shin Sheu

Abstract: This article presents an approach which first combines grey relational grade and weighted quality loss function to convert the values of...

Authors: Zheng Huang, Cai Ling Feng

Abstract: In order to fabricate high-quality microchannels in a fused silica, the fundamental frequency laser with the wavelength of 1064nm of a...

Authors: Zheng Bing Qi, Peng Sun, Fang Ping Zhu, Ruo Xuan Huang, Zhou Cheng Wang, Dong Liang Peng, Chong Hu Wu

Abstract: The influence of working pressure on microstructure and mechanical properties of magnetron sputtered ZrN coatings were systemically...

Authors: Zheng Bing Qi, Ruo Xuan Huang, Fang Ping Zhu, Peng Sun, Zhou Cheng Wang

Abstract: The effect of deposition temperature on microstructure and mechanical properties of ZrN coatings fabricated by DC magnetron sputtering was...


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