Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Mei Zhang, Zhi Yuan Zhang, Qi Li

Abstract: The sheet metal forming of magnesium alloy is studied. A novel hydro-mechanical deep drawing for magnesium alloy sheets at gradient...

Authors: Gui Hua Liu, Zhi Jiang, Yi Bian, Guang Sheng Ren, Chun Guo Xu

Abstract: Cross wedge rolling (CWR) technology, which is a new metal forming process to produce stepped shaft in forging industry, has developed...

Authors: Bing Liu, Feng Hu Wang, An Ying Jiao, Jian Ping Sun, Meng Ying Zhen

Abstract: With JC2000A Contact Angle Measuring Apparatus and established model of rice straw surface wetting, to improve the surface wetting...

Authors: Xiao Bin Zhang, Xia Chang, Tao Wei, Chang Sheng Liu

Abstract: A Ni-based alloy NiCrSiB laser cladding layer was made on the surface of CrNiMo stainless steel specimens using NiCrSiB powder. Cavitation...

Authors: Tao He, Bao Yu Wang, Zheng Huan Hu
Authors: Guo Yang Shi, Jun Fu Wei, Kong Yin Zhao, Huan Zhang, Xiao Lei Wang, Jing Feng
Authors: Shie Chen Yang, Tsuo Fei Mao, Hsi Chuan Huang, Feng Che Tsai, Jiuan Hung Ke

Abstract: This study introduces an Abrasive Jet Polishing (AJP) technique using wax-coated abrasive SiC particle to improve the polishing quality of...

Authors: Yan Mei Zhang, Xiao Hua Jie, Zhong Hou Li, Zhong Xu

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