Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shuan Liang Feng, Zhen Yong Liu, Mei Yang, Hong Qiang Sun

Abstract: This article describes the overall processing technology of the ultra-long cylinder, especially the internal pull the hinge hole processing...

Authors: Shyen Yang Dong, Shou Lei Tien

Abstract: This study mainly investigates the characteristics of carbide and the matrix structure of ASTM A532–87 CLASS Ⅲ high-chromium white cast iron...

Authors: Jin Xiang Liu, Ri Dong Liao

Abstract: Using finite element method, a numerical simulation is presented for engine block casting. The filling process analysis provides an accurate...

Authors: Wei Qiang Hu, Zong De Liu, Yong Tian Wang, Zhi Sheng Li
Authors: Wen De Bu, Jin He Liu, Xiao Ling Xu, Wei Wu

Abstract: The temperature evolution in inertia friction welded Inconel 718 joint was measured by means of embedding thermocouples in specimens. The...

Authors: Yu Xiu Yan, Xiao Da Li, Jing Jin, Jian Wei Tao

Abstract: Take knitting seamless underwear material as subject of studying, approach the influence of stereotypes parameters on seamless underwear...

Authors: Fu Zhao, Ping Wang, Yan Jue Gong, Li Zhang, Chun Ling Meng

Abstract: The structure of chemical sensor has great influence on the performance of the sensor. This article presents an optimum design method to...

Authors: An Zhong Liu, Yan Yan, Su Zhang, Jian Hua Cui

Abstract: In this paper, the specimens of GCr15 steel were quenched by laser transformation hardening experiment and then they were tempered at...

Authors: Yan Jue Gong, Fu Zhao, Hui Yu Xiang, Li Zhang

Abstract: In order to improve the sensitivity of MEMS temperature sensor, this paper proposes an efficient and robust structural optimum design method...

Authors: Mohammad Reza Shabgard, Babak Sadizadeh, Keivan Amini, Hamid Pourziaie

Abstract: The correct selection of the machining parameters is one of the most significant issues to take into consideration in Ultrasonic-assisted...


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