Materials Processing Technologies

Volumes 154-155

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Yu Cui, Da Wei Zhang, Wei Guo Gao, Xiang Yang Qi, Yu Shen

Abstract: Thermal errors of motorized spindle are of great importance to affect final machining precision of CNC machine tool. Thermal characteristics...

Authors: Jian Yang, Qing Cai Liu, Mei Yang, Wen Chang Xi, Yan Hu

Abstract: TiO2 has been loaded on cordierite porous ceramic to prepare the SCR catalyst carrier by using both APCVD and sol-gel method. The physical...

Authors: Zhi Gang Wu, Shu Hui Li, Wei Gang Zhang

Abstract: In recent years, hydropiercing technique has been used widely. In this work, its special type of hydropiercing-bend is simulated using Rice...

Authors: Xing Hai Wang, Chong Hai Xu, Ming Dong Yi, Hui Fa Zhang

Abstract: In recent, the development of new die materials is one of the important topics in the field of die research. In this paper, effects of...

Authors: Pei Tang, Zhe He Yao, Hong Hua Zhou, Zhuo Xiong Sun

Abstract: The induction heating of the billets is a critical step in the thixoforming process. To improve the quality of thixoforming, the induction...

Authors: Li Ping Wu, Zhong Dong Yang, Jing Jing Zhao, Yong Ping Xie

Abstract: Currently, most of electroless nickel phosphorus plating on magnesium alloys has following disadvantages. First, it has been suffering from...

Authors: Wei Wen Zhang, Gang Guo, Yun Huang, Zhi Huang

Abstract: This paper focuses on the simulations of nanometric grinding process on face centered cubic structure (FCC) single metal crystals (Cu, Ni)...

Authors: Da Zhen Wang, Pei Feng Feng, Ling You

Abstract: The experiments on ultraprecision turning of SiC reinforced aluminium composites have been done by using polycrystalloid diamond (PCD) tool...

Authors: Hung Ying Huang, Kuang Hua Fuh, Jung Shu Wu

Abstract: This study is to develop a tool system, which is formed by a series of procedures, modifications, and assemblies, and to learn how...

Authors: Ming Dong Yi, Chong Hai Xu, Jing Jie Zhang, Zhen Yu Jiang

Abstract: A new ZrO2 nano-composite ceramic tool and die material was prepared with vacuum hot pressing technique. The effects of sintering parameters...


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