Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Zhang, Hai Feng Bai

Abstract: Thermal stresses and deformation in straddle track girders can be significant in comparison to dead or live load responses. In present...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Wen Gai Lan, Bo Yu

Abstract: The reinforced concrete single T-shaped beam is of common use. Compared with mechanical analysis, little attraction has been put on the...

Authors: Zhang Gen Guo, Wei Min Sun, Jian Wang, Jian Long Chen, Yi Fan Xu

Abstract: In order to investigate the seismic performance of recycled concrete perforated brick masonry, an experiment was conducted on three...

Authors: Guang Qun Su, Jian Cai, Xiao Qin Zhao, Chang Hong Zhu

Abstract: Based on the equivalent uniaxial stress-strain relationship for the encased concrete in the square steel tube with binding bars, the fiber...

Authors: Ju Hong Han, Song Feng Wu, Wen Li Liu

Abstract: The mechanical behavior of 12 concrete specimens under local strain is studied according to simulating principle of work of gate slot. The...

Authors: Xin Lei Yang, Hai Liang Wang, Quan Chang Ren, Peng Dong

Abstract: In this research, a CFT column connection with vertical plates is proposed, and studied through a finite element model. For this purpose,...

Authors: Qiong Xi Liu

Abstract: In engineering, the excessive slip of shear connectors will arouse the failure of the beams, and cracks in the brittle material element can...

Authors: Peng Gao, Ji Wen Zhang, Yong Ming Tu

Abstract: A novel integral noise barrier (INB) composed of steel fiber reinforced cementitious composite (SFRCC) and basalt fiber reinforced plastic...

Authors: Jing Gao, Bao Chun Chen

Abstract: In order to better understand the behavior of CFST-CSW arch, experiment on two hingeless CFST-CSW arches are described in this paper,...

Authors: Kai Rong Shi, Zheng Rong Jiang, Shi Tong Wang

Abstract: Consistent Mode Imperfections Method based on eigenvalue buckling mode is widely adopted in the stability analysis for the spatial steel...


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