Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Ming Chang, Guo Hua Xing, Bo Quan Liu

Abstract: . It is possible to quantify the damage to reinforced concrete members under cyclic loading through a nondimensional parameter known as a...

Authors: Di Hu, Zhi Wu Yu

Abstract: Considering the relationship of displacement and turn angle in anchorages and deviators between the externally prestressed steel and...

Authors: Xin Yong Xu, Zhen Yue Ma, Hong Zhan Zhang

Abstract: The transient temperature field and creep of concrete surrounding a spiral case are analyzed with a three-dimensional method, based on...

Authors: Chun Min Dong, Lian Jin, Sun Jia

Abstract: To study bilateral shear strength of rectangular frame column (RFC) with different stirrup area on two principal axis, 12 rectangular frame...

Authors: Zheng Fa Chen, Gui Feng Liu

Abstract: According to the construction site of Zibo athlete apartment and the relevant standards, the structure constitution of the composite floor...

Authors: Jun Han, Ying Min Li, Wei Xian Chen, Wei Jiang, Wei Zhao

Abstract: Reinforced concrete frame-shear wall structure is a double resistance to lateral force system, in which the frames and shear walls work...

Authors: Zhi Fang Lu, Mu Yu Liu

Abstract: Shrinkage and creep are the inherent properties of concrete bridge. According to Latin Hypercube Sampling method (LHS) and concrete bridge...

Authors: Hai Tao Liu, Qian Feng Yao, Xun Liu Wang

Abstract: Multi-ribbed frame grid (hereinafter referred to as MRFG) is the important part of Multi-ribbed composite wall and consisted of outer frame...

Authors: Yan Ru Li

Abstract: On the basis of diffusion mechanism of crack and stress-strain of concrete, the mathematical differential formula and the pure theoretical...

Authors: Yong Le Qi, Xiao Lei Han, Xue Ping Peng, Yu Zhou, Sheng Yi Lin

Abstract: Various analytical approaches to performance-based seismic design are in development. Based on the current Chinese seismic codes,elastic...


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