Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Chang Sun, Zhi Yu Sun

Abstract: The optimization of mixture proportion is determined by intensive tests based on designed index of the concrete in Three Gorges Dam. It is...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Li Jun Wang, Dan Ying Gao

Abstract: The numerical simulation by nonfinear finite element method(FEM) was adopted to analyze the behavior and the influences of the fraction of...

Authors: Chang Feng Li, Wen Xue Du

Abstract: Based on fundamental theory and variational principle of thin-walled curved beam and taking into account of coupling effect of bend and...

Authors: Pi Ji Hou, Shan Suo Zheng, Lei Li

Abstract: The modeling methodology is investigated for steel reinforced high performance concrete (SRHPC) in this paper. According to the mechanical...

Authors: Jiang Yong Cai, Yan Tao He, Ying Ying Liu, Jing Liang Xiong

Abstract: This paper presents a method for designing and predicting the flexural behavior and capacity of concrete beams with mixed CFRP-GFRP bars....

Authors: Shi Xiang Huang, Xin Yu Zhao

Abstract: The cyclic tests of three one-storey spatial RC frame-shear wall structures with slabs were conducted to investigate the failure modes and...

Authors: Tong Feng Zhao, Hong Nan Li, Jia Huan Yu

Abstract: Moment-deformation curves of square steel tube filled with steel reinforced concrete subjected to bending load were simulated by the ABAQUS...

Authors: Yang Wei Ou, Tong Feng Zhao, Xiao Dong Zhen

Abstract: Square steel tube filled with steel reinforced concrete subjected to shear force was simulated by finite element method. Limit value of...

Authors: Zhi Dong Qiu, De Min Wei

Abstract: By using finite element method, analysis the static response of internal force and displacement of gravity dam under water and no-load...

Authors: Jie Lei, Dan Ying Gao, Hua Fan

Abstract: Based on the experiments of 10 model specimens of fiber reinforced high strength concrete three-pile caps with the dimension of...


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