Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Yi Fu, Jia Xin Qu

Abstract: Based on reference [1], complex shear wall bending design was researched farther. It was shown that reinforcement partitioned design was...

Authors: Wei Xu, Liang Huang, Bo Wang

Abstract: A mathematical model using the beam-shell compound finite strip method is established to study the elastic stability analysis of...

Authors: Fei Leng, Dong Wang Fu

Abstract: Modified Housner model is presented in the paper for seismic analysis of aqueducts on rigid buttress. Invective mass is attached to walls of...

Authors: Lang Cao, Wei Weng

Abstract: For new large space plate-wall structure, the out-of-plane problems of shearwall caused by vertical loads cannot be ignored. The...

Authors: Feng Liu, Gui Xuan Chen, Li Juan Li

Abstract: The effects of recycled rubber powder on working abilities, density and compressive strength of high strength concrete (HSC) at room...

Authors: Ji Kai Zhou, Xu Dong Chen, Jian Zhang, Xiao Wei Kan

Abstract: The internal relative humidity (RH) and humidity gradients in concrete at early ages have a significant influence upon the properties of...

Authors: Wei Shen, Fu Hai Li, Cong Jun Lu

Abstract: Applying to high performance concrete mix design, overall calculation method can fully quantify the various components of concrete. While...

Authors: Yu Li Wang, Wei Dong Wang, Xue Mao Guan

Abstract: Physical filling effects of limestone powders, which are stated by compactness change of mixtures of limestone powders and cement, play an...

Authors: Zhi Hong Pan, Ai Qun Li, Yi Gang Sun

Abstract: To study the seismic performance of RC shear wall, and to develop its fine nonlinear analysis method, systemic studies on nonlinear static...

Authors: Qiang Fu, Xia Cao, Ling Zhi Jin, Wan Xu Zhu, Hui Xian Yang, Zhu Bai Shu

Abstract: Based on the bending experiment for two-span continuous beams of retard-bonded prestress concrete, the analysis of the stress increment of...


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