Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Feng Cai, Jin Ping Zhuang, Ji Zhong Zhou

Abstract: Design theory of high or large-span form strut system cann’t meet the engineering requirement and deficiencies were pointed out. In this...

Authors: Yong Sheng Zhang, Yan Ying Li

Abstract: Large-Area Concrete beam-slab Structure mainly means the monolithically cast concrete structure whose length and width are more than the...

Authors: Xuan Sheng Cheng, Zhi Zhou

Abstract: Reinforced concrete is the current main material to build liquid-storage structure. Because coarse aggregate and fine aggregate have...

Authors: Cong Xiao Wu, Yun Zhou, Xue Song Deng, Cong Yong Wu

Abstract: Based on the limited demand of transfer beam sectional dimension of tall building structure with transfer story in Technical Specification...

Authors: Xin Zhu Zhou, Jian Jiang Ding, Jian Jun Zheng

Abstract: Owing to their importance to the assessment of reinforced concrete structures, it is of great practical significance to predict the elastic...

Authors: Qiao Wei Bi, Qing Xiang Wang, Hui Wang

Abstract: In order to study the bonding characteristic of the BFRP(Basalt Fiber Reinforced Plastics for short) bars and the basalt fiber reinforced...

Authors: Chang Bing Chen

Abstract: With the increasing volume demand of silos, silo diameters are bigger and bigger. However, present wall pressure computation methods are...

Authors: Zuo Hua Li, Jun Teng, Xue Feng He

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical strategy to model nonlinear damage behavior of RC members based on level of material. The first part of the...

Authors: Wei Feng Wang, Guo Qing Zheng, Zhi Lin Zhang, Xiao Song

Abstract: Under the Large Tonnage Pre-Stress, the stress of concrete which is under the anchor plate is complicated. To ensure the safety of...

Authors: Qing Lu Deng, Da Peng Zhu

Abstract: Landslide, rock falling, river erosion are the serious geological disasters that make effect on Zhongxian-Wuhan gas pipeline safety, and the...


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