Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Xuan Shi, Qiu Wei Wang, Kun Yang

Abstract: To further understand displacement based seismic theory of building structures, the seismic performance evaluation using capacity spectrum...

Authors: Wei Hou, Qing Xuan Shi, Zhi Lin Ma

Abstract: Reinforced concrete core walls with good anti-side rigidity and spatial rigidity is used widely in high-rise buildings. Elasto-plastic...

Authors: Xun Chong, Xian Guo Ye, De Cai Wang, Xing Lian

Abstract: Seismic performance of a kind of superposed wall, which is composed of two precast panels and the cast- in- place core concrete, was studied...

Authors: Yong Li Han, Long Zhu Chen

Abstract: In order to put forward protective measures and reduce the hazards caused by gas explosion events, it is significantly important to analyze...

Authors: Zhen Shuang Wang, Li Jiu Wang, Hao Lin Su

Abstract: According to frame concrete theory, Concrete was composed of mortar matrix, coarse aggregate, and transition zone between mortar matrix and...

Authors: Ming Xu, Zhong Fan Chen, Wei Jie Zhang

Abstract: Concrete composite bearing wall system is an innovated composite structure system, which is assembled by load-bearing walls, enclosure walls...

Authors: Wen Yi, Yong He Wang, Rui Zhou

Abstract: Rutting is one of the major damage modes in asphalt pavement. Many management departments need to conduct a reasonable assessment of rutting...

Authors: Jun Teng, Wei Liang Guo, Bai Sheng Rong, Zuo Hua Li, Zhi Jun Dong

Abstract: Diagrid tube structures have advantages on constructing high-rise buildings for its great lateral stiffness, but its seismic design...

Authors: Zhen Hong Wang, Guo Xin Zhang, Yi Liu, You Zhi Liu

Abstract: Cracks of concrete structure easily appear in the period of construction and the difference between the inside and outside temperature at...

Authors: Jin Long Wang

Abstract: The finite element model of the reinforced beam was established. The results were obtained, such as the structural distortion diagram, the...


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