Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ruan Song, Pei Ge Liu, Dong Fu Zhao, Yu Ting Qu, Xiao Yun Zhang

Abstract: Three contents are included in this paper: 1) Through orthogonal experiment, some principal materials and their use levels which will...

Authors: Xing Wen Luo, Hai Lin Yao

Abstract: Four types of recycled concrete specimens were made for dynamic loading tests in laboratory, in order to research the ultrasonic propagation...

Authors: Zi Hua Guo, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: Bear Angle Vertical Swivel Method for arch bridge has been developed for many years overseas and obtained stated success such as Kobaru...

Authors: Da Xing Qian

Abstract: Regarding foundation of large concrete equipment construction in winter as an example, This paper solves a problem that is the conflict...

Authors: Qing Xuan Shi, Yuan Tian, Wei Hou

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental study of shear behavior of simply supported HSC beams reinforced with high-strength stirrups under...

Authors: Gui Bing Li, Ai Hui Zhang, Wei Liang Jin

Abstract: The models to calculate the effective bond length determined by single-lap or double-lap shear tests are more suitable for the end-debonding...

Authors: Li He, Xian Guo Ye

Abstract: This paper presents the nonlinear dynamic simulation analysis of a shaking table test specimen, which was a twelve- story reinforced...

Authors: Li Li, Ke Jian Ma, Hua Gang Zhang, Ya Qin Lu

Abstract: The feature of the concrete grid-frame structure with specially shaped columns is the frame beams and specially shaped columns in the walls...

Authors: Ji Yao, Liang Cao, Jian Feng Huang

Abstract: Based on influencing factors of the diagonal crack widths of high-strength reinforced concrete beam, the paper presents a model for predict...

Authors: Dong Hui Cheng, Ya Min Yi, Tian Feng Wang

Abstract: In order to study the mechanical behavior on concrete continuous beams strengthened with CFRP sheets, three two-span continuous beams...


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