Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Tao Wang, Ji Wen Tan, Zhong Chu, Chun Yan Sheng

Abstract: Proper content of titanium, microalloying in steel ZG200-400 smelted in intermediate frequency induction furnace, could effectively increase...

Authors: Xin Tang Wang, Ming Zhou, Wan Zhen Wang

Abstract: The computational model of numerical analysis of the planar pre-stressed steel trusses subjected to fire load is established according with...

Authors: Jin Yu Lu, Na Li

Abstract: Kinematically indeterminate structure is a type of special structure that consists of internal mechanism. This paper mainly proposes a...

Authors: Lin Feng Lu, Li Lin

Abstract: This paper summarizes the regulations about steel frame second-order effect of some design code in the world, and find out a critical factor...

Authors: Liang Xu, Ya Ping Wu

Abstract: This paper deals with the mechanical property of a new designed bridge pavement of box girder bridges. Our concerning is the stress change...

Authors: Xiao Tong Peng, Qi Zhang, Xi Xia He

Abstract: Stability design for compressive web members of tubular structure could be simplified as determination of effective length of compressive...

Authors: Jian Hua Zhang, Zhen Qing Wang, Yi Gang Zhang

Abstract: Construction control is the key technique for cable dome. During the actual engineering, however, it is difficult to ensure no difference...

Authors: Zhi Xing Sun, Shi Tong Chen, Hong Wei Xu

Abstract: In the present paper the whole structure and the construction process of SPZ1300/48 gantry is introduced and the stability of the gantry...

Authors: Lijuan Dong, Wei Ning Sui, Guo Chang Li

Abstract: The elastic and plastic characteristics of the Y-joint of frame-core tube structures with steel pipe column and steel pipe outrigger truss...

Authors: Xu Yan, Tie Ying Li, Ning Yang

Abstract: A certain natatorium is selected as the object for the corrosion researches on common carbon steel which has been used in the corrosive...


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