Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhan Zhong Yin, Xiu Li Wang

Abstract: Double-tube buckling restrained braces with contact ring is a new buckling-restrained brace (BRBs), and is a refinement of double-tube...

Authors: Feng Xia Li

Abstract: In practice most connections actually show semi-rigid deformation behavior that can contribute substantially to overall displacements of the...

Authors: Yun Peng Chu, Yong Yao

Abstract: The cold-formed square steel tubular with light weight has better seismic behavior and is suitable for construction in the area with high...

Authors: Guo Tao Yang, Qing Tian Su, Chong Wu

Abstract: Construction procedure of the tie arch bridge with steel-concrete composite girders affects the mechanical behavior of the whole bridge...

Authors: Yun Jing Nie, Tie Ying Li

Abstract: In this paper, taking a practical project for the study, using the finite element analysis software ANSYS, static analyses under different...

Authors: Xi Jian Zheng, Zhen Lu, Zheng Yi Xie, Yan Hong

Abstract: Suspended access equipment (SAE) is widely used and the impact load effect on the structure of SAE while hoisting from the ground is to be...

Authors: Peng Peng Zhang, Wen Da Wang, Jing Xuan Wang

Abstract: A 3-D finite element model (FEM) using ABAQUS was introduced in this paper to simulate the post-fire behavior of composite frames with...

Authors: Yan Wang, Xiu Li Liu, You Sheng Yu

Abstract: In the paper, finite element models are established by using numerical methods to study the mechanical behavior of these kinds of...

Authors: Zhi Yu Wang, Qing Yuan Wang

Abstract: An analysis of a bolted endplate minor axis joint that is subjected to bending is presented in this paper. The methodology for predicting...

Authors: Xiang Rong Chen, Lin Zhao, Xiao Song Lu

Abstract: This paper presents an analysis on the seismic behavior of buckling-restrained brace frames(BRBFs)with different rigidity ratios by the...


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