Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Zhen Pan, Ji Ping Hao, Jie Gao

Abstract: This paper suggests a new connection protocol, adding cover-plate between shear links and column, which was used to enhance moment and shear...

Authors: Jin Sheng Han, Shu Ping Cong

Abstract: Based on experimental researches, a simple numerical analysis method was presented to simulate the full load-deformation process of...

Authors: Xue Yi Fu, Zhen Yu Huang, Xian Chuan Chen

Abstract: This paper presents wind-induced vibration comfort evaluation of a special and complex sightseeing bridge in Shenzhen Wan Sports Center...

Authors: Jing Feng Wang, Xin Yi Chen, Lin Hai Han

Abstract: This paper studies structural behaviour of the blind bolted connections to concrete-filled steel tubular columns by a serial of experimental...

Authors: Yi Yan Lu, Shan Li, Juan Chen

Abstract: Many in-fill materials are used to improve ductility of concrete filled steel tube (CFST), due to meeting need for a change of seismic...

Authors: Ke Dong Tang, Jian Fu, Jun Dai, Peng Zhang, Rui Feng Yu

Abstract: According to the finite element analysis of a circulating fluidized bed boiler steel frame structure, the essay concludes to the calculation...

Authors: Michael C H Yam, Hong Wei Ma, Kwok Fai Chung

Abstract: In steel construction, when beams have to be connected to a girder at the same elevation, beam flanges must often be coped to provide enough...

Authors: Kai Cheng Xu, Meng Cheng Chen, Fang Yuan

Abstract: The shrinkage/expansion behavior and bond carrying capacities of 4 short, micro-expansive concrete-filled steel tube (MCFST) and 3 short,...

Authors: Ming Chen, Yang Sun

Abstract: To understand the seismic performance of inclined joints with gusset plate between double C steel beam-column, in this paper, I used finite...

Authors: Shao Feng Nie, Tian Hua Zhou, Xiang Bin Liu, Xiu Mei Wang

Abstract: The nonlinear FEM models of concrete-filled square tubular column with internal diaphragms and steel beams with reduced beam section...


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