Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Xian Liu, Li Li Shen, Fu Sheng Niu

Abstract: Ceramsite is a typical representation of artificial lightweight aggregates and the new energy saving and soil building materials. It has...

Authors: Shu Jin Duan, Yan Qing Zhang

Abstract: A mathematic model for semi-rigid joint frame is proposed, in which, both the moment-rotation and shearing-deformation characteristics of...

Authors: Deng Feng Wang, Yuan Qing Wang, Yong Jiu Shi, Bin Fang

Abstract: The section of the column under axial compression used in a certain electrostatic precipitator is composed of double H shaped steel limbs...

Authors: Wen Fu Zhang, Hai Yan Sui, Zong Wang, Jing Ji

Abstract: Both total potential energy and buckling equation of two-span continuous beam with lateral elastic brace under uniform load are deduced,...

Authors: Lun Xiong Yi, Ye Zhi Zhang, De Zhou

Abstract: Based on Dongting Hu three-tower cable-stayed bridge on high-speed railway, stiffness ratio of middle tower to side tower (SROMTTST),...

Authors: Tian Hua Zhou, Shao Feng Nie, Xiang Bin Liu, Guang Yi Li

Abstract: 18 specimens of cold-formed steel three limbs built-up section members are tested under axial compression load in this paper. The section...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Li Wen Liu, Lu Feng Yang

Abstract: As a limit analysis method lately presented, the elastic modulus reduction method (EMRM) has the advantages of simplicity and high...

Authors: Chun Yan Li, Wei Ping Yan

Abstract: The temperature field of a 600MW supercritical boiler water-wall in burner zone is calculated based on finite-element method. Bilinear...

Authors: Jiang Tao Yu, Ke Quan Yu, Bo Tang

Abstract: Four groups (12 in total) of welded hollow spherical joints with ribbed stiffener were tested under uniaxial loads in this paper. With the...

Authors: Yong Yao, Yun Peng Chu

Abstract: The profiled steel structure of cold-formed square steel tubular has better seismic behavior and is suitable for reconstruction in seismic...


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