Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Sheng Bao, Xiao Bin Han, Wei Wang

Abstract: The differential equations about distortional buckling are established according to the distortional buckling mode of cold-formed...

Authors: Jia Zhang, Shu Ying Qu, Guo Dong Zhang, Hao Liu

Abstract: By terms of the numerical modeling of ABAQUS software, the analysis of the stress concentration factor (SCF) of tubular T-joints subjected...

Authors: Wen Tao Qiao, Zhi Hua Chen

Abstract: By setting cables and struts in place in the single-layer cylindrical latticed shell, a new-style prestressed spatial steel structure--cable...

Authors: Wen Yi, Yong He Wang, Rui Zhou

Abstract: The wide range of grouting technology, theory and construction technology are relatively mature, but as a result of the promotion of its...

Authors: Zhan Zhong Yin, Xiu Li Wang, Xiao Dong Li

Abstract: The paper designs the models of double-tube BRBs with contact rings by applying the existing general materials and carries out an...

Authors: Yong Feng Luo, Rui Yu, Wei Yang

Abstract: A structure with “changeable boundaries”, changed from construction stage to service stage, is a new design idea used in long span spatial...

Authors: Qian Wang, Chun Sheng Wang, Xin Xin Wang, Yue Xu

Abstract: Steel bridge towers have been widely applied in the countries like the United States and Japan for many years. However, in recent years,...

Authors: Chun Sheng Wang, Lan Duan, Ming Wei, Li Xiang Liu, Jing Yu Hu

Abstract: This paper investigates the flexural strength and ductility of hybrid high performance steel (HPS) I-beams. Three simple supported I-beams...

Authors: Yan Liu, Ping Sheng, Wei Zhen

Abstract: The roof structures of Guangzhou South Railway Station are long-span spatial steel structures, The form and structure system are...

Authors: Wen Bai Liu, Shi Lei Xi, He Sen Cheng, Yu Xi Gu

Abstract: Use finite element analysis software ABAQUS to analyze the bearing capacity, strength and wave attenuation performance of very large ocean...


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