Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Xia, Ai Min Qin

Abstract: Based on the appropriate numerical constitutive model of concrete filled steel tubes, layered method was applied and fiber model method...

Authors: San Sheng Dong, Zi Xue Lei, Jun Hai Zhao

Abstract: Based on the pseudo-static test of 6 high-strength RC columns with central reinforcement skeletons, this paper studied their hysterisis...

Authors: Fan Kui Zeng, Chang Ming Hu, Xing Cai Liu

Abstract: The uniform design standard of temporary support structure in building construction has not been published, In case of coupler steel pipe...

Authors: Yan Ling Zhang, Yun Sheng Li, De Ying Zhang

Abstract: A typical rib-to-deck joint in orthotropic steel bridge deck in a suspension bridge is analyzed in this paper. A local finite element model...

Authors: Min Ding, Zhen Hua Hou, Xiu Gen Jiang, Yu Zhi He, Guang Kui Zhang, Jin San Ju

Abstract: The tests on thirteen specimens of casing joints of square steel tube were conducted to investigate the flexural behavior of the joints. And...

Authors: Jun Wu Xia, Ling Quan Bu, Zhi Chao Hou, Xiao Wei Liu

Abstract: This article focuses on the construction of portal frame without crane. The dynamic variational laws of the additional internal force and...

Authors: Cai Qi Zhao, Jun Ma, De Lin Li

Abstract: Position deviation of joints is a primary initial geometrical imperfection that affects the stability of long-span spatial structures. It...

Authors: Xian Lei Cao, Ji Ping Hao, Chun Lei Fan

Abstract: To obtain a better understanding of the behavior and load-carrying capacity of Q460 high-strength single-angle compression members bolted by...

Authors: Xing Wang, Fan Wang

Abstract: Joint’s stiffness has important influence on the stability behavior of large-span spatial reticulated shell. In this paper, the nonlinear...

Authors: Wen Feng Liu, Xing Pan Fu

Abstract: The seismic performance spectrum is a new kind of the response spectra which is formed according to the designated performance objectives....


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