Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Li Lv, Cheng Long Xu, Zhen Guo Wang, Fei Zhao, Xiao Yan Tong

Abstract: Corrosion of ocean engineering steel structures leads huge economic loses each year. To decrease corrosive loses and guarantee the safety of...

Authors: Da Bin Yang, Yi Gang Zhang, Jin Zhi Wu, Hai Tao Zhou, Wen Chao Liu

Abstract: The static stability capacity is the main index to measure the whole mechanical performance of single-layer latticed shells. Three...

Authors: Zi Lin Li, Pei Yuan Zhou, Zhen Bo Yun

Abstract: The modal analysis and the calculation of dynamic response of the Fenghua Bridge, a new type of long-span steel arch bridge, are carried out...

Authors: Zhen Guo, Ying Shu Yuan

Abstract: An experimental study was performed to investigate the structural capacity of composite steel plate walls with trilateral constrained. Six...

Authors: Qiang Hu, Zhi Heng Deng, Zhen Zhong Pang, He Yong Lu

Abstract: A simplified seismic design model on steel truss coupling beam is suggested based on compatible distortion and balance conditions,...

Authors: Jian Hua Shao, Zai Hui Wang, Guang Ya Tao

Abstract: Unloading is a complicated process that the load-carrying condition of main structure is gradually transferred and the internal force is...

Authors: Hai Bo Wang, Sheng Qiang, Zhen Yang Zhu, Zhi Qiang Xie

Abstract: Based on the real construction process and field environment of large sluice pier for Caojie Project, considering the factors of surface...

Authors: Jian Rong Pan, Zhan Wang, Cheng Su

Abstract: This paper deals with probabilistic sensitivity analysis for a semi-rigid joint of continuous web plate based on correlations analysis....

Authors: Hao Yu Zhang, Wei Zhou, Bing Gao

Abstract: A steel footbridge with a 27m net span, a worm-shaped curve and a vine bridge style was proposed to be constructed in Diexi city of Sichuan,...

Authors: Wei Wei Sun, Feng Wei

Abstract: A numerical investigation on the block shear failure behavior of coped beams with double welded clip angle connection was conducted....


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