Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya He Huang, Cheng Jun Liu, Mao Fa Jiang

Abstract: The different dilatometric curves of continuous cooling transformation with the different cooling rates were determined by means of...

Authors: Ru Deng Luo, Mei Xin Ye, Ye Zhi Zhang

Abstract: Orthotropic monolithic steel bridge deck system stiffened by U rib is very fit for high-speed railway steel bridges because of its excellent...

Authors: De Lei Yang, Le Wei Tong, Xiao Lin Zhao

Abstract: The initiation position can be predicted by studying on strain concentration factors (SNCF) and SNCF distributions. This paper concerns an...

Authors: Yuan Qing Wang, Zong Wen Hu, Peng Pan, Yun Sheng Li, Yong Jiu Shi

Abstract: Application of orthotropic steel bridge decks has become increasingly widespread, but with the growing traffic, the bridge decks frequently...

Authors: Fan Wang, Zhi Gang Zhang, Min Luo

Abstract: This paper focuses on the research of stability capacity of shells with openings, the judgment of joint rigidity and the influence of joint...

Authors: Fan Wang, Min Luo, Zhi Gang Zhang

Abstract: This paper investigated some problems in steel tubuar joints design.The joint stiffness has played an important role in evaluating the whole...

Authors: Jiong Liang, Mei Xin Ye

Abstract: Taking Jinan Yellow River Bridge as an example, using 3D finite element method, displacement and behavior of four-line high-speed railway...

Authors: Cai Qi Zhao, Jun Ma, Hong Tao Ma

Abstract: Cast-steel joints characterized in strong adaptability are widely applied in various long span spatial structures. At present, there is no...

Authors: Ya Feng Xu, Yi Fu, Yu Bo Zhang, Xin Zhao

Abstract: Crisscross concrete-filled steel tube core column is a kind of new component. In this paper, the cross-sectional temperature distributions...

Authors: Xiao Guang Song, Lu Chen, Qi Lin Zhang

Abstract: Full-scaled bearing capacity experiments are performed on a new type of profiled steel sheet, i.e. HV-380. Experiments are divided into two...


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