Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Zhao, Xiang Lei, Xing Zhang

Abstract: Vertical cylindrical steel tanks are sensitive to differential settlement beneath the tank wall. Most previous studies were based on...

Authors: Cheng Jun Liu, Hong Liang Liu, Mao Fa Jiang

Abstract: Accorded with the criteria the X80 pipeline steels with RE additions have been prepared with a vacuum induction furnace. The effect of rare...

Authors: Quan Quan Guo, Jie Ting Hu

Abstract: Nonlinear constitutive law was used in this paper. On the basis of plain section assumption, through isoparametric element theory, nonlinear...

Authors: Hai Yun Huang, Xiang Rong Yuan, Ka Hong Cai

Abstract: The dynamic characteristics are not only the important indexes for evaluating the bridge structural rigidity, but also the principal...

Authors: Qiu Zhao, Chen Xu

Abstract: A certain project of tri-tower suspension bridge of which the main span was 1080m was taken as a case study of the mid tower stability. A 3D...

Authors: Jin Zhang, Xin Chang Luo, Jian Guo Cai, Jian Feng, Xiao Jing Yang

Abstract: Taking Xinjiang Exhibition Center Roof as an example, three models ("No construction stage" model, "Stretching on the ground" model and...

Authors: Xing You Yao, Yuan Qi Li, Zu Yan Shen

Abstract: Distortional buckling may occur for Cold-formed thin-walled steel lipped channel member except local buckling and overall buckling. The...

Authors: Qi Wang, Lai Wang, Bei Jiang, Hui Li, Qing Fang Liu

Abstract: A two-span, three-story steel frame with two web and top-seat angle connections was constructed. Then a low-cycled reverse loading...

Authors: Jun Qi Chen, Wei Wang

Abstract: Transmission tower-line systems with different elevations in mountainous areas are established in this paper. The change curve of ice...

Authors: Cheng Jun Liu, Ya He Huang, Hong Liang Liu, Mao Fa Jiang

Abstract: Heavy rail steel was prepared by the process of vacuum induction furnace smelting, forge work and rolling. Effects and mechanisms of niobium...


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