Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ruo Qiang Feng, Ji Hong Ye, Yue Wu, Shi Zhao Shen

Abstract: Shaking table tests and theoretical analysis were conducted to study of the seismic response of cable net facade. Firstly dynamic response...

Authors: Zhi Ping Chen, Shun Juan Yan, Chu Lin Yu, Guo Wei Cao, Lei Wang, Li Cai Yang

Abstract: Large non-anchored welded steel oil tanks are important equipments that are renowned for their extremely large structures, they are...

Authors: Tian Hu Jing, Qing Ning Li

Abstract: The design scheme of a suspension bridge with a super-long-span of 3300 m was taken as an example, and calculating results from 3 mechanics...

Authors: Gui Bo Nie, Xu Dong Zhi, Feng Fan

Abstract: A test to study the spatial hysteretic behavior of circular steel pipe subjected to cyclic load was designed. The test setup and data...

Authors: Quan Quan Guo, Yu Xi Zhao, Kun Shang

Abstract: Eccentric loading experiment of 13 steel tube-reinforced concrete columns and a reinforced concrete column is implemented. The whole process...

Authors: Bai Ling Chen, Lian Guang Wang, Guo Peng Qin

Abstract: GFRP tube filled with steel-reinforced concrete composite column, GSRC, is a new kind of composite column, in which the (shaped steel)...

Authors: Zhi Hua Chen, Ting Zhou, Xiao Dun Wang

Abstract: Special-shaped column composed of concrete-filled steel tubes (SCFT) structure, a new type structure, is adopted to a residential building....

Authors: Hua Jie Wang, Feng Fan, Hong Liang Qian, Xu Dong Zhi, En Chun Zhu

Abstract: As a inclined mega-grid suspend-dome, the prestressing constructi of Dalian gym is very complex. Full-process analysis for the pretensioning...

Authors: Hong Chao Guo, Ji Ping Hao, Feng Li

Abstract: Based on the experiment of a one-third scale, single-span, two-storey semi-rigid composite steel frame model with cross-stiffened steel...

Authors: Wen Yuan Zhang, Constantin Christopoulos

Abstract: To gain further insight into the seismic design of concentrically braced frames as defined by the Canadian and Chinese codes, a comparison...


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