Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Gang Wang, Bin Hu, Yong Lin Liu, Hui Ming Tang

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of expansive soil and polyethylene fibers used and researched, relevant data of fiber improving expansive soil...

Authors: Hong Qiang Fang, Cheng Tao Zhou, Fan Yang

Abstract: Sunflower-patterned cable dome which gets stiffness by prestress tensioning and force self-balance is a kind of cable-strut spatial tensile...

Authors: Zheng Fa Chen, Gui Feng Liu

Abstract: Study on the reliability of H-beam transfer truss was based on the rebuilding of 1# office building of Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Under...

Authors: Yao Ji, Xin Tang Wang, Ming Zhou, Wan Zhen Wang

Abstract: In order to look into the causes of fire response and post-fire bearing capacity of the steel tubular columns protected with different...

Authors: Jia Min Guo, Shi Lin Dong, Xing Fei Yuan, Yong Li Hou

Abstract: Suspen-dome is a kind of large-span prestressed hybrid structure, To understand the influence of radial restraining stiffness to structural...

Authors: Jian Liu, Xiang Yun Huang, Ji Ping Hao, Guan Gen Zhou, Deng Feng Peng

Abstract: A second-order inelastic analysis of semirigid connection steel frame structures is developed. Therein, shearing deformation and axial force...

Authors: Xue Ying Li, Ya Ding Zhao, Xin Wei Ma

Abstract: The influence of superabsorbent polymers (SAP) as internal curing stuff on the restrained shrinkage and cracking of concrete was...

Authors: Wen Zhi Zheng, Wei Guo Ding, Bo Ju Ouyang, Hai Jian Chen, Zhen Yue Chi

Abstract: Trimethylchlorosilane as a modifier and tetraethoxysilane, an acid catalyst, as raw material were modified hydrophobically through the...

Authors: Yan Wang, Shuang Feng, Xiang Gao

Abstract: 8 plate-reinforced connections are manufactured at 1/2 scale and then tested under low-cyclic loadings to study their hysteretic behavior,...

Authors: Feng Bo Yu, Xin Tang Wang, Ming Zhou, Wan Zhen Wang

Abstract: Pre-stressed steel structures with large space are widely used in stadium, exhibition hall, theater and other buildings today. In order to...


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