Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: P.D. Pachpor, L.M. Gupta, N.V. Deshpande, Komal Bedi

Abstract: “Castellated beam” is a name commonly used for type of expanded beam. Castellated beams combine beauty, versatility, economy in steel...

Authors: Xue Jun Zhou, Ting Zhang, Yuan Zhi Zhang

Abstract: U-section steel-encased concrete composite beams is the new type composite beam.This kind of composite beam takes thick steel plate as...

Authors: Sheng Zhi Song, Yong Bo Shao

Abstract: For typical tubular T-joint, the common failure generally occurs near the weld toe on the chord surface due to the fact that the stiffness...

Authors: Yi Sha Zhang, Yun Shi Yao, Zhen Zhao, Nan Yao

Abstract: The steel box girder is widely used benefited from the high torsional and bending rgigidity, good entirety, light weight, better appearance...

Authors: Yan Min Jia, Dong Wei Liang

Abstract: The prestressed steel beam is regarded as a composite system of beam and cables, and the interaction of the two parts is fully considered....

Authors: Hong Fang Li, Ying Wei Yun, Ii Young Jang, Seong Kyum Kim

Abstract: In this paper, the properties of CF (carbon fiber) reinforced HPC (high performance concrete) containing LP (limestone powder) have been...

Authors: Jin Jie Men, Qing Xuan Shi, Qiu Wei Wang

Abstract: The mechanics performance of reinforced concrete members subjected to axial compression, bending, shear and torque is very complex. Several...

Authors: Zhen Yang Zhu, Sheng Qiang, Min Zhi Liu, Hai Bo Wang

Abstract: The long concrete bedding cushions are more vulnerable to cracking than the dam concrete, even the cushion is much shorter than the dam...

Authors: Bin Liang, Fan Shen Meng, Rui Mao

Abstract: Based on the principle of minimum potential energy, the interface slips in concrete filled square steel tubular column is calculated....

Authors: Qi Wang Su, Shi Chun Zhao

Abstract: Wall and tie column shear strength of every floor in masonry buildings as indicators of earthquake-resistant capacity, the evaluation...


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