Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Xiong Guo, Qun Xian Huang, Yang Liu

Abstract: In accordance with the philosophy of performance based seismic design (PBSD), the fully operational performance level (or service...

Authors: Xian Xi Tang, Yue Xu, Cun Jun Zou, Fang Chen

Abstract: In order to study the stress distribution in hinge joints of different depth and the effects of hinged plate by hinge joints depth, 5 group...

Authors: Xian Xi Tang, Yue Xu, Zhi Xu, Lei Lei Li

Abstract: To study the role of vertical shear stress on the ultimate bearing capacity of hinge plates under fatigue loading, and different...

Authors: Deng Xiang Zhang, Wei Jun Yang

Abstract: Based on large numbers of experiment results, this paper carries out statistical analysis and proposes the probability distribution...

Authors: Yan Yan Fan, Zi Qi Li

Abstract: As a steel pipe concrete arch bridge for example, the difference of earthquake response is analyzed and studied by considering and not...

Authors: Xian Feng Xu, Yan Yan Hu

Abstract: Carbon fiber (CF)is the most important reinforcement in advanced composites.Carbon fiber-reinforce cement(CFRC)possess all right mechanical...

Authors: Fei Shao, Da Rong Pan, Feng Li, Ya Wen Liu

Abstract: Excessive deflection and its long-term sustainable development has become a common disease of large span pre-stressed concrete continuous...

Authors: Bruna Catoia, Marcelo De Araujo Ferreira, Libanio Miranda Pinheiro

Abstract: Hollow core slabs have a bold design and can be used in a wide variety of structural systems, performing like floor slabs or wall panels....

Authors: Xi Cheng Huang, Yi Xia Yan, Wei Zhou Zhong, Yu Ze Chen, Jian Shi Zhu

Abstract: This paper demonstrates the application of both numerical simulation and empirical equation in predicting the penetration of a concrete...

Authors: Xiao Bin Han, Chun Sheng Bao, Ying Gao, Jian Min Bian

Abstract: The spatial analysis model of special-shaped column frame structure is established in ANSYS. The nonlinear dynamic analysis is carried out...


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