Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Liang, Meng Yang

Abstract: The structural behavior of a steel reinforced concrete (SRC) transfer beam in high-rise building is studied in the paper. Mechanical...

Authors: Hai Bin Chen, You Po Su, Yu Min Zhang, Li Na Wang

Abstract: The constitutive relation of concrete under uniaxial compression is the essential theoretical basis for structural analysis of concrete....

Authors: Guo Lin Wang, Shao Ping Meng

Abstract: Two simply supported deep beams were tested, one with draped prestresssing tendons and the other without for reference. Shear behavior and...

Authors: Rong Yao, Heng Hong Liang, Ping Hua Zhu

Abstract: The internal-force distributing of the slab computed according to the existing design methods is different from that of the bidirectional...

Authors: Ling Zhi Jin, Qiang Fu, Xia Cao, Ning Deng, Yi Hu Chen, Min Chen, Xiao Ming Wan

Abstract: Owing to the outstanding advantages of unbonded prestressed technology, it has been widely used in high-rise building floor. However, with...

Authors: Xia Cao, Ling Zhi Jin, Qiang Fu, Hong Mei Zhou, Ya Qiong Liu, Li Jiang Lan

Abstract: Based on the contrast experiments of unbonded prestressed concrete slabs with openings subjected to uniform load strengthened by different...

Authors: Xiu Hua Zhang, Yan Yan Wu, Jun Wang

Abstract: The reinforced concrete (RC) beams have three failure modes using large-scale finite element procedure LS-DYNA to simulate dynamic responses...

Authors: Rong Xia Wang, Hong Jiang Li, Ke Xi Jin

Abstract: Over-deflection of beam in continuous rigid frame bridge has become an serious problem in recent years. The reason is complex. Some...

Authors: Shu Ping Cong, Jin Sheng Han, Shu Ting Liang

Abstract: The loads of reinforced concrete buildings are bore by shores and early age concrete members during construction. In order to analysis the...

Authors: Yi Che, Sheng Long Ban, Jian Yu Cui, Geng Chen, Yu Pu Song

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of specimen size and shape on compressive strength of concrete. Concrete cubes,...


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