Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Yuan Sun, Zhi Jun Han, Xin Sheng Ge, Xiao Hong Bai

Abstract: Three-dimensional nonlinear finite element analysis on long-short piles composite foundation is finished by using the Drucker-Prager yield...

Authors: Wen Hua Li, Xiao Liang Zhai, Dong Yan Qi

Abstract: In order to optimize the zero block analysis method of continuous beam and continuous rigid frame bridge and provide better service for zero...

Authors: Jin Xia Zhang, Shu Xian Liu, Fu Sheng Niu, Yi Miao Nie

Abstract: Slump and compressive strength of the concrete with different steel slag powder content and different finenesses were discussed in this...

Authors: Hui Hong Feng, Xi Wang

Abstract: This paper discusses that the causes and the corresponding control measures of mass concrete crack in the construction stage. And through...

Authors: Hai Gen Cheng, Yan Lou Yu, Yong Zhang

Abstract: Steel-concrete composite beams are composed of concrete slabs and steel girders by shear connectos. Due to the shear lag effect, the...

Authors: Ji Yao, Ze Li, Ming Jun Peng

Abstract: This paper presents research on mechanical behavior of frame-supported transfer beams with or without opening in the high-rise buildings...

Authors: Bin Wang, Yu Li Dong, Li Tang Gao

Abstract: The performance of one full scale four- edge fixed reinforced concrete slab under the condition of combined effects of loading and fire was...

Authors: Shan Guang Qian, Yun Li, Juan Song

Abstract: In this paper, twin tower buildings with large bases were studied. The FEM models with connecting and without connecting buildings were...

Authors: Guo Ping Qian, Shuai Li, Li Jun Jiang

Abstract: Under the heavy traffic, the stress state of asphalt pavement structure has such a complex change that it is difficult for conventional...

Authors: Jin Bang Wang, Zong Hui Zhou

Abstract: Several series of concrete aggregates with different content of steel slag, blast furnace slag, coal gangue and fly ash were prepared. The...


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