Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Zhang, Bo Diao, Xiao Ning Zheng, Yan Dong Li

Abstract: The mechanical properties of high strength concrete(HSC) were experimentally investigated under mixed erosion and freeze-thaw cycling...

Authors: De Jian Shen, Hao Luan, De Qing Jia, Li Zhang

Abstract: The temperature cracking of early-aged concrete is often met by constructors in recent years, because of large temperature difference of...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Bo Diao, Yan Dong Li, Xiao Ning Zheng

Abstract: : Performance of high strength concrete and ordinary concrete under alternating action of mixed erosion and freeze-thaw cycling were...

Authors: Ji Ming Liu, Fei Zhou, Jie Zheng, Xiang Yang Xing

Abstract: Based on a steel reinforced concrete composite post crack under the torque simplified calculation method was studied. Using the simplified...

Authors: Wei Wang, Xiao Zu Su, Yong Zhao

Abstract: Nine push-off specimens were designed, constructed, and tested. Test variables included reinforcement ratio of shear reinforcement,...

Authors: Liang Xu, Ya Ping Wu

Abstract: With the application of the composition material-concrete-filled-steel-tube (CFST) in civil engineering, the crossing ability of arch bridge...

Authors: Yu Ming Zhang, Guang Sheng Bian, Tao Fan

Abstract: Internal force of a concrete member duo to temperature variation is related to stiffness. A reduction of stiffness occurs and the magnitude...

Authors: Yu Feng Xu

Abstract: As the stress measurement of interior concrete is hard in the construction control of the cable- stayed bridge, a new method fitted for...

Authors: Bo Diao, Yun Peng Zhang, Ying Hua Ye

Abstract: Based on Timoshenko beam theory, a section model for the ultimate load analysis of RC beam under combined action of axial force, bending and...

Authors: Xiao Ning Zheng, Bo Diao, Jian Zhang, Yan Dong Li

Abstract: Deterioration mechanism of concrete suffered slowly freeze-thaw and eroded in different mixed liquor (3%NaCl+5%NaSO4,...


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