Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fan Wang, Xing Wang

Abstract: Plate-cone reticulated shell is a new type of double-layer reticulated shell in which ventral members is replaced by cone elements. This...

Authors: Min Ding, Jin San Ju, Xiu Gen Jiang

Abstract: The theoretical model to compute long-term stress of steel-concrete composite beam was deduced. On this basis, the effects of factors such...

Authors: Qian Lin, Zhi Heng Deng, Guang Xian Tang

Abstract: Steel truss coupling beam is a new type of steel coupling beam structure. To investigate seismic behavior of this coupling beam, low cyclic...

Authors: Shuang Xi Zhou

Abstract: Based on experiments on two beam specimens (one is a concrete beam with a formwork without demoulding, another is a normal concrete beam),...

Authors: Xiao Lu Wang, Xiao Xiong Zha

Abstract: Axial compression experiments of eighteen concrete-filled GFRP tube (CFFT) and concrete-filled GFRP reinforced steel tube (CFFST) specimens...

Authors: Shu Yun Zhang, Guo Liang Bai, Lai Shun Zhao

Abstract: For mechanical behaviors of composite frame and reinforced concrete core hybrid Structures in high-rise buildings, the three-dimension...

Authors: Lin Lin Liu, Yong Qing Tu, Ying Hua Ye

Abstract: Considering the confining mechanism in circular concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) columns, a volume-based method for dividing the...

Authors: Jing Qiu, Rui Li Shen, Huai Guang Li, Xun Zhang

Abstract: The cable-stayed suspension bridge is a novel composite structure with great overall stiffness and the capacity to span a long distance,...

Authors: Lin Chen, Xing Liu, Yun Zhou, Xiao Hu

Abstract: Mega steel braced frame-composite steel plate shear wall structure, consisting of mega steel braced frame as outer frame and composite steel...

Authors: Qin Qu, Xiao Yan Zheng, Xiang Tao Chen

Abstract: This paper, combined the characteristics of steel structure and timber structure, conceives a new system of residential structures—staggered...


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