Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Chang Li, Cheng Yi Di, Shu Jie Li

Abstract: With the development of computer science, the finite element method has been used widely. The paper used the ABAQUS finite element analysis...

Authors: De Jian Shen, Sen Qiu, Ling Song, Cong Bin Huang

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of viscous damper on seismic performance of steel-concrete hybrid structure for high-rise building is analyzed....

Authors: Yong He Wu, Jian Chun Mu, Sheng Qiang Li, Hui Feng Xi

Abstract: This paper is to make an elastic dynamic time history analysis on a steel-concrete composite structure under the effect of frequent...

Authors: Dong Ming Feng, Ai Qun Li, Jian Hui Li, Guang Yang

Abstract: Xijiang River Bridge is the first hybrid railway bridge composed of single pylon cable-stayed and continuous rigid-frame system in China. To...

Authors: Li Zhong Jiang, Wang Bao Zhou, Jing Jing Qi

Abstract: The paper presents a numerical method for calculating the load-deformation response and ultimate load carrying capacity of Concrete Filled...

Authors: Qi Fang Xie, Hai Bei Xiong, Xi Lin Lu

Abstract: Combined with the merits of light wood frame structure and Chinese ancient wood structure, a light wall composed of oriented structural...

Authors: Jun Hua Li, Yue Feng Tang, Ming Zhe Liu

Abstract: This paper provided three test data pertaining to the mechanical properties of steel reinforced concrete (SRC) eccentric columns after...

Authors: Lan Hui Guo, Shan Gao, Su Mei Zhang

Abstract: In recent years, the progressive collapse of buildings increases the interest in progressive collapse studies. If a key column fails in...

Authors: Xiao Li Liu, Dan Dan Zhang, Kai Liu

Abstract: Model test investigation on rectangular section composite micro-pile structure used for earth slope reinforcement has been performed,...

Authors: Shi Jie Wang, Xun Zhu, Zhen Dong Gao

Abstract: Rotational construction for bridges attracts much attention of people because it is featured by its low initial cost, fast and easy...


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